Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guerlain Meteorites Workshop

Last May 30, 2014, I attended the Guerlain workshop with professional makeup artist Ms. Sabs Hernandez in SM Aura Activity Center in Taguig. It started at 4:00 PM.

Guerlain is a French luxury brand. It was founded in 1828. They started with perfumes, then ventured into makeup (iconic Meteorites, Terracotta, Rouge Automatique among others) and skin care.

guerlain sm aura sabs hernandez

By this time, I admit I have attended different workshops, and learned varying techniques, but, as I told Ms. Sabs, I'm grateful I still picked up something new from her.

guerlain skin care

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care

This is my review of the Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.
The 190 ml shampoo SRP is Php 199 while the 184 ml conditioner is priced the same at Php 199.
This is made in Thailand.
I was able to try this with Sample Room (where I got the items for free and just paid the Php 100 shipping fee.)

What they say:
"Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series contains specially formulated ingredients that help hair damage due to coloring, while retaining vibrant color and enhancing shine.
Shampoo and Conditioner:
Transparent Veil Technology
Helps repair visible hair damage due to coloring, retain vibrant color and enhance shine.
How to Use: Apply to hair and gently work up lather without rubbing the hair strand against each other."
  • Retains color coz I notice more the brownish color of my hair (results might have been more pronounced if I used it 4 months ago when I had just colored my hair.)
  • Packaging looks very professional.
vidal sassoon premium color care series

For improvement:
  • Fragrance does not last all day. Because of the extremely hot weather, my scalp reeks of sweat in the evening.
  • My hair didn't feel healthy smooth. I suppose this is more for styling to make hair elastic.
vidal sassoon shampoo condtioner review

Shampoo ingredients doesn't have SLS but has Ammonium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate.

Will I repurchase? 
I might look into other variants since I am more of a wash and go type when it comes to my hair.

Reads: Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu

Carmilla by great Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu is an engaging read about a lesbian vampire told thru the eyes of the protagonist, Laura.

It is very handsomely written  that I find myself immersed in the chapters til the wee hours of the morning.
I understand how it scandalized readers in the Victorian era.

English not being my native tongue, I encountered some words that I have to look up the meaning. I find this good, so as to enrich my vocabulary.

Here are some, from Google:

  • antipathy: a deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion.
  • apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
  • languid:  displaying or having a disinclination for physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed.
  • languor: the state or feeling, often pleasant, of tiredness or inertia.
  • lassitude: a state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy.
  • obstinacy: the quality or condition of being obstinate; stubbornness.
  • acquiesce: accept something reluctantly but without protest.
  • conjecture: form an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of incomplete information.
  • paroxysm: a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.
  • vivacious: (especially of a woman) attractively lively and animated.
carmilla sheridan le fanu
An excerpt from the paperback Fangs, edited with an introduction by Otto Penzler.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plana Forma in Centris Experience

This morning, I had a chance to try out a beginner's class in Plana FORMA Centris Walk Quezon City. Let's just say it exceeded my expectations.

About Plana FORMA:
Plana Forma™ brings to Manila a unique technique that combines Pilates, Yoga and Dance in what could probably be the most intense and addictive workout you'll ever experience. Plana FORMA™ is the only studio outside the United States that features instructors trained in the PHYSIQUE 57™ technique.
I am thankful to have a free 1 class voucher by visiting their booth in an event, read HERE 
So I went to their website, chose a class schedule and called for an appointment.

plana forma exercise

I failed to research on the proper attire so I was the only one who came in wearing little clothes- tank top and shorts for jogging and my socks, rubberized at the sole as it was, I realized it was better suited for sleeping.

What to wear, then?
The 4 others in our session were wearing T shirt and pants that stretched til mid knee. I am not sure if all of their non-slip colorful socks are from Plana Forma brand (priced at Php 300.)
They were also wearing flip flops til they changed into the socks, while I was wearing rubber shoes when I arrived.

Oh, do not forget to bring drinking water because Plana FORMA can make you sweat.

The facilities were clean,  very adequate, the shower room was complete with supplies and they even lend a towel. I also saw in the wall clippings of celebrities into Plana FORMA.

plana forma eton centris

I went 45 minutes ahead of schedule because they start on time.

Of course, since it was my first time, I think I was doing things wrong and good thing the instructor Ms. Jemie checked out on me often and assisted me.

We did warm up, lifting the small dumbbell, some stretching with the bar and rope, the ball, lying on the mat and many other movements.

I was catching my breath because I haven't exercised in AGES. I admit I had to stop a few times because I might pass out.

plana FORMA

Clearly, I was behind this class (because my name was ALWAYS called to attention haha) but there was no judgment. Everyone was focused on their own progress.
After the session, Teacher Jemie asked me how it was and I said "intense."

A few hours had passed, I can still feel the exhaustion, I felt starved, and my thighs were sore. Til the next day, my glutes and abs ached.
But I suppose that it is a good thing because it only meant that Plana Forma works and is effective.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Science Comes Alive

The Mind Museum is located in J.Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. Going there is easy. Directions on how I got there.

  • MRT North Ave to Ayala Php 14
  • Walk to Caltex terminal
  • Ride the west bound bus Php 12
  • I was dropped off at 3rd Ave corner 27th street; a short walk to the museum

the mind museum at taguig

About The Mind Museum:
how to go mind museum

mind museum renaissance fair
The Canopy Plaza

science in the park
Science in the Park


Visit to The Mind Museum Apocalypse Project

Climate change is inevitable because of what human beings are doing to the world. There are many scientific arguments about this, and whether it can be reversed or not.

Now that all of us Filipinos are complaining how terribly hot this summer is (and then the fear during the typhoon season that soon, CAMANAVA and some parts of Bulacan will be gone immersed in the flood,) The Mind Museum holds a very timely exhibit about the Apocalypse Project.

Climate Change Couture
T.E.M.P.S The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store in collaboration with Givaudan
(head to the globes section for a whiff of these scents)

Climate Change Couture and T.E.M.P.S The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store in collaboration with Givaudan

Scavenger Hunt

the apocalypse project

Earn a Commander of the Apocalypse badge upon completion of the mission and take an oath

the mind museum defender of the future

Let's all do our part to save the planet!

Take advantage of the Summer Promo:

the mind museum taguig promo

Intro, read:

Glamourbox April 2014: Perfectly Pristine

Subscription boxes are often surprises. Most of the time, you'll be thrilled and there are times some people get disappointed. But sometimes, you know what you'll be getting even before the box arrives at your doorstep.

The Glamourbox April 2014  is one of the boxes that is absolutely welcome for me. It has many organic stuff (been trying to go organic the past years.)

A Glamourbox is priced at Php 595 but the worth of this box is more than double!!! Sulit and the contents are really useful!

Here are the contents of this pretty (and reusable) jampacked lil box:

glamourbox april 2014

glamourbox perfectly pristine

"Get ready for an all-natural hair mask that truly delivers! Infused with oat proteins and oils of macadamia nut, argan and colza, it helps condition, detangle, fight static and rebuild damaged hair."
All of the products are indeed great but if I were to choose a favorite, it's BareNaturals The Mane Event. It made my hair so soft and silky. I absolutely love the fragrance that reminds me of vanilla milk and honey. This is a mask but I apply it like a conditioner and use it about 4x a week. My everyday organic shampoo (that I use before applying this) is also from a Glamourbox, Snoe.

BareNaturals The Mane Event

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Review

Fairy Drops is my favorite and the best mascara I have used so far.
End of story.
Just kidding.

AYA Inc.'s Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara claims that "Fiber & Volume up Wax make Glossy Pine needle shaped lashes with Extra Volume & Long."

fairy drops teardrop wand
This is the patented 3 teardrop wand

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type  is part of  the BDJ Elite Box I purchased last year.
It's priced here in the Philippines at Php 1,195.
Made in Japan.
Available in BDJ Boutique and Beauty Bar.

fairy drops platinum mascara

It has been getting lots of raves. Since this is a pricey product I hesitated to buy this at first. So glad that it was included in the subscription box so I had a chance to try this.

fairy drops platinum mascara price

It has good ingredients like squalane, jojoba oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol:

fairy drops platinum mascara ingredients

AffiniTea The Tea That Binds

I was able to attend the store blessing and grand opening of AffiniTea Legarda this May 17, 2014, 3:00 PM. This is their 15th store.

About AffiniTea-

AffiniTea Philippines aims to provide a new level of tea experience with its high quality, health-inspired, and natural-sourced products. After all, we have a common affinity to TEA!
 AffiniTea Philippines is here to improve your quality of health while promoting camaraderie among earnest tea drinkers.
We offer a wide array of flavors which are both delightful and are natural sources of nutrition.
AffiniTea Philippines uses premium tea leaf extracts which have been carefully processed to ensure optimum nutritional value in each tea you drink.
affinitea the tea that binds

How to get there:
Easily accessible. For public transport, may ride a jeepney, FX, bus or taxi but if you're coming from one of the schools in the vicinity, it's just a short walk.
From Recto corner Legarda, it is just past the big name fast foods and before reaching Samson College and DSWD.

emerson and helen liu
Sir Emerson and Ma'am Helen

affinitea legarda
Store blessing

mark heidi bert liu
AffiniTea's Mark, Haidee, Bert


Basil Iced Tea- their latest offering.
I usually put fresh basil leaves in my spaghetti and it lends a spicy taste. I am surprised that this concoction, brewed from real leaves tastes really refreshing. It is not the usual taste that is getting "nakakasawa na" (tiresome already). Must try:

affinitea basil iced tea

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 2014 Giveaway-closed

We have another super easy giveaway for my dear readers!
Here are some items I have received that I would like to share with you.

Winner will get:
Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow
Ever Bilena Mascara Duo
Ever Bilena Whitening BB Cream
Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White

pisceanrat Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow  Ever Bilena Mascara Duo Ever Bilena Whitening BB Cream Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Glamorous Life as a Filipino Bit Player

Bit Player. Talent. Extra. Support. Crowd.

Sometimes, I post on Facebook about my taping/shooting stints.

Some friends be like, "Wow can you bring me there or include me? I wanna see some stars!"

In my mind, it's NO. I don't want them to be angry and think I stole some of their payment like what happened to another bit player who brought her friend. And besides, most of the time, the supplier is not asking me to look for another one.

Now I decided to recount my real life experience.

Sometimes Php 300 for an almost 24 hour taping and the biggest I had was Php 700 for a commercial.
Now I did not make up this story- one of a TV station's guard and other extras told me that the payment should be thousands but it so happened that the payment passed thru "a lot of hands" and I quote them "some of the production staff, manager, handler, caretaker, coordinator, supplier, the extra who referred you, etc..." I even experienced on an out of town location that they told the locals they filmed that they would just send the payment thru LBC. Good luck with that! The people who called them didn't even get their address!
(Update: Then there's this one time when the taping was already packed-up. Other talents were already paid, but our sorry group had to wait about 3 hours for someone who was handling the money.
During my first time, I heard some of my fellow newbies who came from a 'segway' were compensated with a pack of toilet papers. Can you believe that?!)

As far as I know, there are no additional benefits (like SSS) even for regulars.

Call time-
One time, I got awakened by a call at 3:30 in the morning asking me to go to a far location for a 5:00 AM shoot on which I am almost certain that the actual time when I would be included in the scene would be around 12:00 noon. One time, call time was morning and yet they filmed me at 10:00 PM.
An incident happened when we were called to get ready and re-apply our makeup. We weren't called. After an hour, we were called to attention again and we retouched. Nothing happened still. It went on about 5 times. Imagine what layers and layers of powder will look on your face. Cakey. Not to mention it got tiresome.

No additional payment for bringing your own costumes e.g., a doctor's. Sometimes we are required to bring 3 sets of 3 different wardrobe- smart casual, office, gown.

Speaking parts-
Additional money for lines.

Sometimes, we have chairs. Often, we sit on the floor. We are lucky if the location is an air-conditioned room. On outside locations, I haven't experienced being in an air-conditioned tent . On one occasion, I had to cross to the other side of the street and sit on a store's chair because I don't want to squat on the pavement.

A few times, we ate past the usual eating time. There was even one time when one of the extra had to share the food of another extra friend because "someone" took his food. That "someone" was another extra who was very stubborn and would not leave even though she was instructed to pack up and was not filmed at all because she did not meet the age requirement they were looking for.
Don't forget to bring your own drinking jug! If not, ask to share the other extra's bottle because most of the time, the crew doesn't provide cups.

One should not be sensitive if the director curses or swears at you because it happens.
Getting work like this is happy if you want to meet your "idol". Sometimes, you will be dismayed to find out that your seemingly cheery and friendly (in front of the camera) favorite actor/actress is not at all how he/she behaves in real life.

Some concerned talents are pushing for a change. Sadly, it is not well supported because other talents fear that the TV/Movie management will not hire them anymore.

Sounds incredulous? Well this is like a bio- a true story- and not a fiction. I just want to share the experience and be transparent and honest. Presently, I am not active in this field anymore. It seemed like I got tired of that kind of working condition.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014 in Trinoma

It was a very happy day spent in Trinoma Mall Activity Center earlier, Mother's Day. We attended the Happy Mommy Wellness Weekend.

We bought the latest issue of Working Mom for Php 120 to be able to get inside. You will be given a stamp card and I think you can bring 3 guests but most of the time, only the card holder can get the freebies from the booths.

There were talks for learning and fun games.

Because it was already afternoon when we arrived, we were not able to get the loot bag which was for the first 400 guests only. There were some booths whose giveaways had already run out. I was a bit sad but it was okay, because I scored many stuff.

lifestyle network happy mommy wellness weekend 2014
Dora the Explorer came at the latter part of the program; many people inside; getting manicure with nail art stamp from BK Beauty Kingdom

In case you'd like to know, these were what I was able to avail:

Free taste:
Mami from Lucky Me, choose among Fruit Bowl/ Fizz/Yogurt from Red Mango, Maling in pan de sal from La Filipina, Fruit salad from Nestle Cream, Detox juice from Jusa.

Mami from Lucky Me, choose among Fruit Bowl/ Fizz/Yogurt from Red Mango, Maling in bread from La Filipina, Salad from Nestle Cream, Juice from Jusa.

Fan from Ayos Dito, Magnet from Gasul, Storybook from Insular, clean living products (love it!!!) from Champion, Systema and Hana, Vitamins and picture from Caltrate, Photo from Lifestyle Network/Working Mom, Laundry bag from Samsung, 1-day trial from Integrity, Plana Forma, and Krav Magda.

Oh, Kremil S was not among the sponsors of this event. I just got a sample outside (but very near) the activity center.

Ayos Dito, Magnet from Gasul, Storybook from Insular, clean living products (love it!!!) from Champion, Systema and Hana, Vitamins and picture from Caltrate, Photo from Lifestyle Network/Working Mom, Laundry bag from Samsung, 1-day trial from Integrity, Plana Forma, and Krav Magda.   Oh, Kremil S

Just a suggestion for improvement:
The host, Giselle Toengi was too lively that she sometimes shouts. However, it became very hard to understand the exhibitors while they were explaining their products. I also had an important call that I needed to answer so I went outside the area but still had difficulty hearing because of the extreme noise. I don't know, maybe the loudspeakers could be lowered down a bit.

Grocery in Landmark (where I prefer because their prices are L-O-W!)  and participating in the Reel Love video booth near Timezone.

Then we heard Mass and afterwards we dined in Bon Chon. I got their freebie for moms who ordered- a mini Ko-Yo and fan.

Luckily, we were there when the Trinoma personnel was going around and was able to score The Body Shop Shower Creme with lily.

trinoma, bonchon, the body shop
i like their chicken and chapchae

Thanks to the generosity of all who made this possible! Hooray!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

International Micro Village, Inc.- Authorized Distributor of Double-Take® in Philippines

Press Release 

Providing affordable high availability, reliable disaster recovery and migration with near-zero downtime

Manila, Philippines, April 25, 2014 – International Micro Village, Inc (IMVI) is now appointed the authorized distributor of Double-Take® products in Philippines.  IMVI, with industry expertise and a wealth of experience, will provide Double-Take® products and technical support to resellers and end customers in Philippines, to meet the increasing demand for cloud replication and recovery, high availability and disaster recovery, migration and cross-platform data sharing.
Double-Take® is one of the flagship software products by Vision Solutions, a leading provider of workload migrations, high availability, disaster recovery and data sharing software and services with headquarter in Irvine, California, USA and offices worldwide. Double-Take® is an affordable solution for SMB, mid-tier and enterprise-level high availability, disaster recovery and migration for Windows, Linux and cloud computing environments.
Double-Take® has released its latest version 7.0 in May 2013. Its key features include:
·         Versatile agentless or agent-based virtual server protection for flexible RPO and RTO goals
·         Real-time anything-to-anything protection across multiple operating systems, hypervisors and clouds
·         Protection and recovery of entire server or selected data on any combination of physical, cloud or virtual environment
·         Near-zero downtime migrations without suspending or interrupting production operations
·         Customizable unified status reporting for all assets protected by Double-Take® 7.0
·         Simple, intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)
·         World-class customer service support by Vision Solutions and IMVI locally

Double-Take® 7.0 provides high availability, disaster recovery and migration capabilities for VMware®, Microsoft® Windows® Server and Linux as well as the KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen hypervisor technologies.
More information can be found at
vision solutions double take

danny chan
Mr. Danny Chan (Regional Sales Manager for South East Asia Pacific)
alex pak
Mr. Alex Pak (Solutions Architect for South East Asia Pacific)

About International Micro Village, Inc
Established in 1997, International Micro Village, Inc., continuous to offer the latest data and communication and information access equipment to the growing Philippine Information Technology market with a focus, through its association with Channel Partners, on Corporate Institutions, Small and Medium Business Segments and Government Units.
For additional information, please visit or connect with them thru Facebook:

About Vision Solutions (
Vision Solutions is the premier provider of software solutions designed to protect data, minimize downtime and maximize resources for the modern data center. We are the only company to deliver workload migrations, high availability, disaster recovery and data sharing – across any hardware and any physical, virtual or Cloud-based environment. We have been serving enterprises and managed service providers for over 25 years through our portfolio of Double-Take®, MIMIX® and iTERA® product brands.

The LG L Park Knock Code!

It was a super fun afternoon as LG Mobile brought the street-themed L Park to Trinoma.

Check out what they had in store for the guests- games, activities and free snacks!

LG L Series Trinoma

Parkour jumpers, BMX, Skateboard exhibition and dance number; face painting:
lg mobile face painting

Like in an arcade- Basketball shooting and dance dance revo:

lg activity

Nomnom- Get a FREE coffee and J.Co donut by registering in Kakao Talk; free taste Kitkat Chunky Peanut Butter:

lg kitkat kakao

LG Mobile Launches New L Series III In Style

Press Release

MANILA, May 3, 2014 – Mobile technology leader LG Electronics unlocked the fun this summer as it introduced its newest smartphone powerhouses under the third generation of its well-received L Series—the L80, L70 and L40.

Launched in a stylish street-themed event in TriNoma touted as the L Park, the L Series III event was graced by LG Mobile ambassadors: renowned actress Maxene Magalona and UAAP basketball superstars Kiefer Ravena, Thomas Torres and Andre Paras.

Imbibing the adventurous spirit and creativity of today’s youth, LG’s L Park was filled with fun activities like the dance machine and basketball arcade among others, and exciting freebies like the hippest shoes, face paint and Instaprint to name a few. 

Hundreds of people in the crowd were also in for a visual treat as a group of parkour practitioners and stuntmen opened the show with an electrifying and heart-pounding performance. 

LG L40
lg L 70

lg series III L80

“LG L Series III caters to the upwardly mobile youth market, so this L Park was designed to let them unlock the fun, knock to their own style and live the LG life and style,” Lawrence Kim, vice president for LG Mobile Philippines, said. “Likewise, the L80, L70 and the L40 are the perfect companions of today’s generation because of their user-friendly and uniquely smart features ideal for young people on the go.” 

Stylishly smart
The L80, L70 and the L40 are the first mid-priced units to feature the advanced Android KitKat operating software in the Philippines, offering more innovative features, a more polished interface and a more seamless user experience. 

Kim said, “The L Series III continues the improvements on the design of the L Series heritage. Users will notice the distinctive comfortable grip, the smooth contours and the unique unibody look of the L Series’ third generation.”

LG provides more captivating images and videos, and stunning display with its own IPS technology at 5 inches for L80, 4.5 inches for the L70 and 3.5 inches for the L40.
For all units, a 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor allows for outstanding performance whether it’s for process-intensive applications or games, fast web surfing or seamless connectivity.
All these smartphone powerhouses also sport LG’s revolutionary unlocking system innovation—the Knock Code™ — which is an upgrade from LG’s well-loved KnockON feature previously only available on LG’s premium phones. Knock Code™ lets users create a unique and personalized two to eight knock pattern which allows for single-handed usage, enhanced security and easier accessibility, conveniently bypassing the lock screen altogether. It wakes the phone and unlocks it at the same time.

“While other sophisticated unlocking methods are only available on premium models, LG is making Knock Code™ available to a wider audience. Even mid-tier models like the L Series III will come equipped with the Knock Code™,” Kim said. “LG is really working to make smartphones more responsive and intuitive, solving security issues while still retaining the well-loved knocking gesture of the KnockON. It’s convenient, secured and fun to use.” 

Other features of the L80, L70 and the L40 phones include longer lasting battery life; the Guest Mode™ which protects the user’s privacy by letting the owner create a separate user profile specifically for guest users; the QuickMemo which allows users to create personal doodles and messages directly drawn on screen; the Capture Plus™ which enables the user to save full webpage content as compared to the usual limited screen capture; and FM Music Collector which records radio hits and automatically converts them into music files. It removes the radio jock’s voice which overlaps with the song, and pre-records up to four minutes so even songs recorded starting in the middle can still be captured in full.

The L Series III cements itself in the budget category with the L70 at P8,490 and  L40 at P4,790. The L80 will be available in the Philippines this May. All models come with Dual SIM capability and can be configured to store different alert tones for each SIM card.

For more information about LG’s newest L Series III smartphones,
visit, or;
like LG Mobile’s official Facebook page “LG Mobile Philippines”;
or follow LG on Twitter and Instagram @LGPhilippines.

About LG Electronics Mobile Communications CompanyThe LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is a global leader and innovator in mobile communications. With its breakthrough technologies and innovative designs, LG continues to establish a number of benchmarks in the smartphone market, while also helping create a better lifestyle for consumers by delivering a wholly enhanced smartphone experience. As a leader in 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, LG continues its commitment to developing groundbreaking LTE technologies and fulfilling consumer demands with differentiated LTE devices of the highest quality, all of which are based on the company’s wealth of LTE patents and technical knowledge.

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Gastronomic Fare at Paire

Recently, I was able to enjoy an intimate (there was only 4 of us!) food sampling experience at Paire Cocktails and Pastries.

This Specialty restaurant (merging special cocktails and desert lovers) opened December of 2011 and is run by sisters Ms. Kathlene and Chef Abby Nantes.

Q: Why called Paire?
A: Wine pairing, cocktail pairing, beer pairing.

paire cocktails and pastries


They offer customized cakes and cupcakes, bridal and baby showers, paint your treats, party bar packages, themed events and special events packages.

paire rates address

It has a cozy ambiance. I'd say it's perfect to have a date in this place.
While waiting for your food, you can read their magazines in a table and listen to the music.
Everything is prepared and made as you order. Yes, even the dips are made from scratch.

paire quezon city
Paire got Expert's Choice Award in Foodgasm 2013. 
paire cake

Food presentation is exquisite.

Cold and freshly made pandan tea.


Grissini (oregano breadstick)

paire cocktails grissini

Lugid- Liempo meets chicharon. Chef's grandma's recipe. Super delicious crispy and tasty, not greasy. Highly recommended.



Fish and chips
Fish and chips

From their Carnival theme (which had a run til April 30, but this May, they will be having a relaunch):

Ring master- mixed green salad with tomatoes, olives and cucumber in apple cider vinaigrette served in taco shells.

ring master taco salad