Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review: My Bare Skin Specialist Soaps in Oatmeal and Tomato Banana

Sometimes, I shudder at the thought of women putting all these harmful synthetic chemicals on their skin in the pursuit of beauty. Why suffer when we now have affordable organic goodies available! One of these is by My Bare Skin Specialist!

Review: My Bare Skin Specialist Soaps in Oatmeal and Tomato Banana
The packaging is pretty simple and minimalistic, there is an outer paper with the label, and inside are thinner sheets of paper. They are tied with a string.

My Bare Skin Specialist offers different kinds of soaps and skin and hair care products. The brand is
  • Award winning
  • Handcrafted with love
  • Vegan, all natural, organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Philippine-made
  • Skin nourishing
I was recently sent two of their recent artisan soaps- the Oatmeal and the Tomato Banana with Silk Cocoon. They are priced at Php 280 for 150g bar. (Sorry frens, the complete ingredients are not listed.)They smell really yummy and look so nice- you can see bits of the ingredients like oats and banana seeds swirled in the soap.

My BareSkin Specialist Oatmeal and Tomato Banana Soap Review

Oatmeal soap description:

-Very mild on skin, good for sensitive skin, slightly scented. For all skin types, adult or kids.

my bare skin specialist oatmeal artisan soap, owner rowena los banos,


We know oatmeal is great as moisturizer and anti-itch. It feels soft on the skin (like I put on some lotion) without any heavy, greasy after-feel. I think it will be perfect for me to use during December when my skin gets cray-cray and very dry. 

It's also very gentle. I tried to leave it on my face longer than usual and I also did the double wash (soap rinse repeat) yet there's no tightness or sting!

Also good to use in between changing of regimens. Because you need at least a 3-day rest period in between switching from one brand to another, you can use this mild soap. Bonus is the calming oatmeal scent.

Tomato Banana with Silk Cocoon soap description: 

-Anti-aging, moisturizing, skin smoothing, pore minimizer, good for pimple/acne prone skin.

my bareskin specialist tomato banana artisan soap, owner rowena los banos,


Both tomato and banana are recognized to fight acne when applied topically. And the two of them combined? Even better! Silk cocoon, on the other hand, is believed to exfoliate and stimulate collagen production.

I wish we had this kind of soap during my teenage years when I had severe acne! For now kasi, I do not have any breakouts so I cannot claim that it healed existing pesky zits.

However, I can definitely say that this soap makes my skin glowing, brighter and pinkish (due to lycopene)! It also feels gentle. The sweet tomato banana scent is also a treat in every wash!

  • These organic soaps melt easily so take care in keeping them dry in a soap dish.
  • They are also not messy as you use them and it gets smaller. (Other soaps kasi they leave a jelly mess in the soap dish.)
  • It's wise to cut them into smaller pieces.
  • They are very bubbly.
  • With some commercial soaps, when it gets smaller after repeated use, it becomes hard to lather. But with Bare Skin Specialist soaps, you can use them til they become tiny and until they are gone. Kumbaga good til the last drop. Super sulit!

In conclusion:
Overall, I would highly recommend Bare Skin Specialist artisan soaps in Oatmeal and Tomato Banana and would rate them 5 glowing stars!

 Get your artisan soaps by Ms. Rowena Los BaƱos thru http://mybareskinph.com/or instagram.com/mybareskinspecialistmain.  Thanks for reading!:)

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