Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Whisper Curvalicious Sanitary Pads Review

Hello po! So a couple of months back, me and my friends got to partayyy with Nadz, Nadine Lustre, and her squad (Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid), at the Valkyrie Night Club at The Palace in BGC, Taguig!

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And now I was sent a care package and it was so exciting! After all, the box was biiiig!!!

whisper curvalicious

It contained packs of Whisper, a pillow, a sleeveless top and a note. Kilig!

Actually, I have been using Whisper since I was a teen and what can I say! From then to now, Whisper remains one of the best pads out there, continuously revolutionizing feminine napkins!

I remember nga, amongst classmates, Oy may dala kang 'Bulong' or Bilhan mo ko ng 'Bulong'... Those were the days!!!

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Say yes all day, say yes all day!

Now I got to try Whisper's latest development.

whisper sanitary pad review
If you can notice, the middle is raised, so it absorbs wetness quickly. Plus it fits better on the private parts, hehe.


Whisper sanitary pads' new design fits snugly! It's soft and comfy, the adhesive is strong and it stays in place! I love that it is scented and controls odor, has good absorbent power, and does not feel very hot or itchy. Plus, PINK!!!

whisper feminine napkin review
Details as shown in the wrapper; previous packaging style in blue, made in the Philippines.

Whisper features Curvalicious fit to prevent leaks, Dermacare lotion, soft cotton cover, longer pad, 12-hour leak protection, anti-leak barrier from all sides.

P&G Whisper is the world's leader in feminine protection.

Stay sassy, edgy and fabulous even on your red days. Be a fierce, confident and empowered modern woman with Whisper #Curvalicious. Thanks for reading! :)

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