Monday, July 2, 2018

The Truth About Carbon Coco

Hello po! Besh, here is a review of Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish! Did I like it or not? Read more to find out and its other details!

carbon coco review

I often see their product on my IG feed with so many vloggers that they sponsor recommending it and so  I got curious.

I bought it at a steal from a  colleague back in May. She apparently was not too crazy about it so she sold her extra one. She gave me brand new tub of polish, tongue cleaner (that I don't use), black bristled toothbrush and pouch.

carbon coco does it work

When you buy it on their website, it is quite expensive. One tub of Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish costs $29.95 (more than a thousand pesos).

activated coconut shell charcoal, natural teeth whitening,

Carbon Coco is Australian owned. They claim it to be a 100% natural tooth whitener which can also detoxify your mouth and freshen breath.

It is made of activated coconut shell charcoal hence the name.

How to use?
They recommend to wet and dip your toothbrush in the tub, and proceed to  brush in gentle circular motions for a couple of minutes. Use it every night, and to follow up with another toothbrush and toothpaste after using it. They also say to try your best to keep your lips closed while brushing with it. Yeah right.

I'm really not too happy that every time I brush my teeth with Carbon Coco, black dirt splatters all over the sink, the bottles, my arms, my chest. It's really messy to use.

carbon coco ingredients, carbon coco price,

I like that it tastes delicious which is weird because it has no distinct flavor. Not minty or berry whatsoever. But I do like its taste on my mouth while I am using it. I even like to chew it, which yes, I think I'm pretty weird.

When I use it every night it seems that the stain it leaves on my gumline, in between teeth, and on the outside and inside of lips, over time, becomes harder and harder to remove. So to solve this I just use this every other night and it does the trick.

This pic was taken right after using Carbon Coco and following up brushing with a regular whitening toothpaste yet the black gunk is still there- pretty hard to remove. It comes out though the following morning as I brush my teeth!

carbon coco results, carbon coco before and after,
Sorry for this pic! This is around my 10th use and teeth is still not white. The black gunk it leaves on the mouth even after rinsing is a bummer.

I don't smoke, these may be tea, coffee and chocolate stains. Or as they say yellowish teeth are stronger. IDK.

I have been using it close to two months now! I definitely feel that over time and with religious use, it removes surface stains and the blackness of it gives an optical illusion - like an instant teeth whitening effect.

After about 3 months (not everyday use), the bristles of the toothbrush are falling off.

For all its worth, I feel that Carbon Coco was able to somehow remove stains and brighten my teeth a little but they are still eons away from being PEARLY WHITE, haller! Hahaha! Thanks for reading! XD


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