Sunday, November 24, 2013

help for b.o.!

Body odor or B.O., axillary osmidrosis, bromidrosis/ ozochrotia, accompanied by yellow stain in the underarms of a white top, putok, kili-kili power, baktol... However you may call it, it only boils down to one thing- foul, putrid smell emanating from the armpits that can extremely embarrass a person and affect one's social life. Isn't it annoying or dizzying to be beside someone with that condition? Or if you're that someone, wouldn't you feel really conscious (you know because it also reached your nostrils) and alone when people move away from you?

Do not be so depressed as many people have this condition that makes them smell bad to the nth level, explaining the myriad of goods used to treat it. But I know a few lucky folks that no matter how excessive the sweat or thick their hair are, their underarms just never smell offensive.

tools of the trade

Here are a few suggestions to help prevent it:

  • DO NOT wear hand me downs or pre-loved clothes. If another person with this condition already wore that garment many times and had perspired in it, you may contract the bacteria. (I haven't read a study about it, just my humble theory.)
  • Practice good hygiene.
And to help minimize the sweat/odor or treat it:
  • If you have the resources, go to a licensed doctor for choices such as botox, incision and other medical procedures.
  • For a non-invasive and more budget friendly way, use a deodorant and anti-perspirant TWICE a day. Applying before going to sleep is very important, as the body has more time to absorb the actives. 
  • There are many commercially available products to combat this condition. OTC products in the form of roll-on, cream, stick, spray, powder, etc. Try which works best for you. However, there have been the cancer scare nowadays, so you might wanna check out the ingredients list of the product. 
  • If the "aroma" is not so severe and you want something more natural, try baking soda, corn starch or tawas (potash alum). Or try letting your armpits soak in kalamansi or lemon juice for an hour before taking a bath.
  • Take a bath at least once a day. Twice is good, but if you are scared of getting anemic or pasma, just wash your armpits before reapplying  your preferred product at night time. Best to wash the armpits everytime you sweat before re-applying product.
  • Use anti-bacterial soap for the armpits.
  • Choose fabrics that are breathable (I really like cotton). I find it helps when loose around the armpits or sleeveless.
  • Watch what you eat! Try to limit garlic, onion, curry, spicy food.
  • Bring in your bag your preferred anti-stink agent for emergencies.
And there are my tips, dear friends. 

Hope you enjoyed reading. :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Wanna have Kutis Mayaman?

Who wouldn't want to have skin like it belongs to a rich person? I know I do! Even if a person is clothed in a burlap sack, but with fair, spotless, beautiful skin, he/she will still manage to look exquisite. That kind of skin is the best accessory (no need for concealer/jewelry) to make one stand out.

GlutaMAX skin care products

Enter GlutaMAX!!! GlutaMAX's Skin Lightening System is composed of oral and topicals. I went to YSA Skin and Body Experts and Watsons to get the products' price. Reduced Glutathione Capsule 500mg 10 caps- Php 750, Lightening Soap with Glutathione 135g- Php 175, Lightening Lotion with Glutathione and SPF 15 100ml- Php 235, Deodorant and Anti-persipirant with Glutathione 50ml- Php 172.50, and Lightening Cream with Glutathione SPF15 30g Php 279. If you have a Suki Card, you can buy at a discount the lotion- Php 223 and soap- Php 166 for this whole November 2013 in Mercury Drugstore.

I am very familiar with this brand having seen it in many stores. It was endorsed by actresses Jinky 'Bale' Oda and Gretchen 'La Greta' Barretto. Now I am happy to get to try their products- soap, anti-perspirant and deodorant, and face cream. I was also pleasantly surprised that they are also behind Ysa Botanica, the papaya soap I always used when I was in high school/college. Ms. Tiffany Tan of Marketing Department said that my fave soap is not available in supermarkets anymore, only exclusive in YSA branches. (Update: I saw YSA Botanica yesterday, 12/16/13 in leading stores with promo buy 2 get 1 free! GlutaMAX soap has the same offer!)

I know the importance of having light skin. Having a brief stint being a talent (extra, if you may) we were classified as being Class A/B/C. Those who have light, flawless skin almost always make it as Class A. I already shared before my skin-lightening tips here.

This is my initial assessment of the products. Please click the images to enlarge and check the ingredients.

GlutaMAX Soap-

  • A BIG bar of soap
  • Lathers well
  • My face looked much brighter after washing, but I believe this may be temporary and will return to original state later in the day due to exposure to the elements. So we need to use whitening products regularly and continuously.
  • Fragrance-wise, it's very subjective, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At first, right after I opened it and smelled directly while the bar is inside the carton, I thought it smelled like laundry detergent and then I realized it smells kinda like sampaguita (jasmine).(Update: I have finished the bar and I grew fond of the sophisticated scent. I felt it helped maintain and brighten my fair skin.)

GlutaMAX Face Cream-
Feedback as of 12/17/13: After weeks of using, but I have not finished the contents of the jar yet, I felt it can really brighten the skin. I use it at night and my face seemed to have a glow in the morning, with pinkish cheeks. This is not greasy/oily, so suitable before putting on makeup. Just a small amount will do, just massage and blend well. Personally, I did not have breakouts with this.

  • It would be better to see this in a tube and having a tamper proof seal.

GlutaMAX Deo- Feedback as of 12/17/13: this can give me protection I need, but I have to follow my usual routine of twice a day washing my armpits and applying this in the AM and PM. See my tips here.

Dark underarms are not my problem because luckily, they are whiter than my arms. My concerns are chicken skin and of course, I need a good deodorant and anti-persipirant as my underarms don't exactly smell like daisies after sweating.

There are the products that I am excited to be reviewing. These seem to be effective products because it is dermatologist formulated. I just hope that the price can be more pocket-friendly. 

GlutaMAX Note: With continued use, GlutaMAX makes skin evenly lighter, while restoring skin's youthful vibrancy. For best results, use all GlutaMAX products.
For info and promos you may check out their website:

Have you tried their products? Please do share your experience or comment below :)

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the Blogapalooza 2013 Experience

Welcome to the #Blogapalooza 2013!!! Where the Bloggers gather to meet the Businesses! Thanks to and (Vince Golangco / Francis Simisim / Anton Diaz) for coming up with this event. It was super fun. The exhibitors were plenty nice and accommodating. I know there were other blogger events which coincided with this date- November 16, 2013 but I wouldn't wanna miss this.

mudel kuno-feeling like i hit the jackpot with glutamax , nice day coffee and meister watches

I wouldn't miss a photo op with the BNO DJs
me grinning like an idiot (why's my smile often lopsided) with cool dudes tonytoni and slick rick

Sir Vince introducing the next talk's speaker

There's something for everybody to make us all hep hep hooray!

free to tinker with Australian brand BYS makeup; free manicure by Lulu- sucks to be last in line; mine was half-done, went home with no polish on my thumbs (coz they need the UV light to 'cure' the gel). SMX Aura put off electricity in booths at the exact time the  rent for the place ended. My companion asked the guards but they said switch was off- no consideration!

coffee and cake by Figaro; blood analysis and Wheatgrass drink sampling

free taste- Gavino's donuts; yummy the berry company juice and eat natural bar

There are only two Gyminators in the Philippines- one is in a prestigious hospital, the other with NY theraspine in QC. I tried it out- it's like a vibrating work-out machine. I needed to squat properly but couldn't because I was getting conscious- TV5's cameraman won't quit filming me.

tnx for the capture sista rattus

Heehee! Sister rattus choki as Tom Crew, I as Chikoy beat you on all three levels of this highly physical but entertaining game! I badly NEED that chooks-to-go for dinner! And you were very ladylike!

kwelavan games from a chicken company made me sweat like a pig

Amazed at all the unli food set before us from Flavours of China, Congo Grille, Tempura Japanese Grill and Karate Kid

I also sampled Monterey meats and then later in the night  downed a can of Red Bull energy drink.
me enjoying the buffet and drinking coffee from Brownbag

I loved playing Area 51 at the arcade so now I am shooting ducks (only in this game, I will NEVER ever do it in real life, heck I wouldn't hurt a spider!) at LazerXtreme

Waaah :'( I did not win an uber-cute Line doll in their spin-a-wheel! I wanted one to add to my stuff toy collection...Consoling myself with a picture of the brown bear mascot

Stars for

  • A really fun event
  • Happy to be meeting the people behind the business and blogger-friends
  • No bazaar or tiangge atmosphere. Just pure getting to know the products/services. No merchant was hard selling, because it's awkward if they let you test and you didn't like it but they 'push' you to buy one
  • Free WIFI from PLDT MyDSL
  • For a good cause- Piggy Bank Movement encourages attendees to donate a small amount for Typhoon Yolanda Victims
  • Other nice stuff I may have forgotten at the moment
It would be better if the sound was lowered a bit because it was getting hard to hear what the people at the booth are talking about; they almost had to shout in your ear.

Project Awesome Flash mob

On to the goodies, in case you're wondering if we were handed a lootbag during registration, the answer is NO. You have to visit the booths and get your bag, shirt, and other items. Most of the time you need to register or drop your calling card and then play a game then win a prize. (Post Note: Just to clarify- I am in no way complaining. I was merely describing what transpired! It was a very fun and nice event and I was glad to be there. I want to be transparent because some bloggers were asking if we were just handed a lootbag filled with stuff)
I think this is the official Blogapalooza merchandise- Blogapalooza  ecobag (contains a flyer and CD) from Eagle's Wings Ent,; Blogapalooza T-shirt from View Park Hotel.

Nobody loves me better than YSA... True that!!! Reviews to follow...
GCs, discount coupons, flyer, big paper bag, GlutaMAX lightening soap, cream and deodorant

Why settle for your usual 3 in 1 when you can enjoy a 10 in 1 coffee with a load of health benefits!
Nice Day! Coffee, flyer and big paper bag 

Appliance, watch
Meister Watch calling card, brochure and sticker, Whirlpool/Fujidenzo calendar

Dining- I have eaten at all these establishments before- all I can say is more reasons to return! Just 2 days prior to this, I was at Karate Kid-enjoyed very much the mochi halo-halo I had for dessert!
Generous Flavours of China, Tempura Japanese Grill, Karate Kid and Congo Grille water jug, fan, notebook, keychain and flyers!
Educational- I was asked what the brain's occipital lobe makes sense of, luckily I answered correctly-sight- so I was able to pick a prize!
The Mind Museum at Taguig pamphlets, ecobag, notebook with pen

Take home food
Plato Wraps food and GC, Bounty Fresh chicken and flyer
Hotel (overnight is Php 3999 only and right across Picnic Grove!), Real Estate (if I heard the lady correctly, she said they have houses that can rise up/float during flood), Privilege Card worth thousands in savings!
View Park Hotel Tagaytay info sheets and ballpen, Zipmatch bag tag, enjoy the best trial privilege card, discount card and flyer 

Wines and spirits (with free delivery and gifts) and local Online Ad network flyer and optical mouse; Ambient digital flyer and notebook with pen; Red Bull fan keychain

Health, wellness and beauty

bys plastic bag, pamphlet and nail polish, ny theraspine flyers, calculator with pen and ballpen, Lulu discount coupon

Health, wellness and beauty
Nattural bag and calling card, Slenda sample; Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass sample, pin button and literature; White Space voucher from Megaworld
Food and fun
Chef's Noodle flyer and ballpen; photo of me courtesy of Chooks-to-Go; LazerXtreme flyer and GC

Food and drinks, toys, transpo, communications, printing, PR
Php 50 discount coupon from Grab Taxi; other flyers, calling cards and price list from Richprime, Eagle's Wings, PRC.Inc, Brownbag Coffee Solutions (they lend their coffee machine for free for a minimum to clients), Gavino's, Yummy Organics, Figaro, and PLDT MyDSL

Pretty long post, took me whole day! Thanks for reading and muchas gracias sponsors mentioned above including AFFI, Hungry Juan, M&L, Tino's Suits, Smart and Tropicana!
smx aura november 16

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Mind Museum at Taguig

Hey there! :)

I have recently attended the Blogapalooza 2013 and I was glad to see The Mind Museum at Taguig had a booth there. I am familiar with it as I have read about it in broadsheets. Not to brag or anything, but when I was in school, I got good grades because I focus on my studies. No nightlife for me, and I hang out only at the library. I am very interested with museums, when you travel and visit a new place I think it is important to visit their museums. For sure, this is definitely one of the places I am planning to visit with the family.

I got a copy of their brochures and here, let me share it with you:

This is a must-go tour for students and teachers as they offer a special ticket price for them. Instead of the usual swimming excursion this is safer and educational. Knowledge is POWER!

They feature 5 interconnected galleries. I'm thinking that this will be a huge, mind-blowing encounter! 

And while you're out there, you might want to check out the MOST comprehensive exhibition on LEONARDO DA VINCI to tour the world. He is the GREATEST genius the world has ever known.

Be sure to catch Da Vinci the Genius- An Inspirational Exhibition! It runs from September 1 to November 30, 2013 only.

It all looks so exciting! Take a peek into the Mind Museum Taguig's web site, where Science Comes Alive! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013 at the SMX Aura - the Biggest B2B Networking Event in the Philippines!

Hey fellow Pinoy bloggers!

I am so thrilled to have gotten the chance to attend the Blogapalooza at the Function Room 1 SM Aura Convention Center Taguig (SMX Aura) on November 16, 2013 11 AM to 9 PM!
And I am pretty psyched that my good  friend Rattus will also be there!

Here are some excerpts from the invite they e-mailed me:
"Pretty much, it's a "B2B" - Business to Blogger networking event. There will be freebies and giveaways throughout the day including lots of surprises and entertainment. We will have big raffles every hour plus, lots of interesting and useful speakers for bloggers like Jason Cruz, Director for Community Management at McCann Erickson MRM Worldwide talking about Elite Branding for Bloggers. Plus fun shows like that of the Comedy Cartel who will perform stand up comedy! (AND LOTS MORE SURPRISES)
You can see some of our partners for this event here -
Moreover, we have LOTS of great speakers like the Boys Night Out, ToniTony, SlickRock and SamYG to talk about podcasts, FHM hottie Karen Bordador to talk about Vlogging, McCann MRM Director Jason Cruz to talk about Branding for your Blogs, Tim Tayag and the Comedy Cartel to perform some funny Stand Up Comedy and so many more surprises! All of these are of course listed on that link with their tentative scheduled talk times. Entrance for the blogger is free and you can bring a +1 guest! Note that the guest will not get the freebies and benefits like the blogger. So better if you have your friends sign up as bloggers."

They even have Wifi at the venue and taxi refund. Like, how cool is that?! Excited much :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

me and mah husband's everyday astringent/toner

Hello, beautiful people of the world!

The super typhoon Yolanda had just ravaged parts of our country- the provinces- and I'm thankful that the city capital  where yours truly resides wasn't destroyed. Much prayer goes to the victims of this very tragic disaster. It was overwhelming that so many countries are extending their support to us during this time. We are grateful for lots of help.


On to my review today

Me and my husband generally have oily skin with occasional pimples. Yes we are old enough but those nasty zits love us so much they won't leave us alone. As we are nearing our 30's fine lines are also becoming a concern.

On my trip to the department store, I've seen this countless times. I always remember they were even offering free facials at the Ever Grand Central - love that mall but it had been burned down for more than a year now. 'Twas only recently that we decided to give this baby a try. We didn't have an inkling that it would be like a HG product for us. I think we are on our almost empty 3rd bottle now of KOKURYU ACNONE.



  • Facial lotion (like a toner) and acne fighter in one
  • It does not make the skin peel off (like large patches) 
  • Leaves cool sensation
  • Affordable facial care and makeup products- many folks rave about Summer Cake and that was used by the makeup artist in my graduation picture
  • It doesn't have a flowery smell- I can't put a finger but somehow it smells like chemical but in a good way, I actually like the scent
  • They don't have celebrity endorsers and for me, I think it helps keep price down so if a product is good, word of mouth will keep it by
  • Locally made but under license from Kokuryu JAPAN (in my book, Japan is synonymous with high quality)


  • Alcohol content may be too drying for some individuals
I don't use moisturizer after applying this to preserve the white medicine that is left on my skin. On days when I feel my skin is dry, I use a moisturizer and not this.

I bought it at the Landmark for 86 Philippine Pesos plus additional 10% off. It may leave a white powder which has a drying effect on pimples that is why I only use it at night. But you can remove it with another pad if you're using it during the morning. Anyways, it's recommended to be used after every facial cleansing. That white residue reminded me of the pink liquid solution with powder (you have to shake first before using) that my derma gave me a decade ago. I don't know if it's being sold outside the country. You may check out KOKURYU COSMETICS website and FB page for their other stuff.

Here is another good buy that me and the husband agreed we both like- RDL Babyface. RDL's a Davao-based company. I have tried the different variants of their products like astringents, soaps, lotions etc coz one can find these not only at the department store but in supermarkets too. I even joined their date with Coco Martin contest in Mercury Drug! I don't know who won there though. I think it is also being sold in other Asian countries.

Babyface also dries up pimples and has whitening effect. We bought  it in number 1 because we only have "mild" needs. When we bought it for just 52.75 Philippine Pesos in Watsons, it came with a freebie- sadly, the whitening cream tub was near expiry. But this astringent was from a new batch!

 That is it for now.
May the Almighty always keep us all safe.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My current hair care routine

Hello, dearies,

I admit I always change my shampoo and conditioner every time I finish a bottle. The reason is there are so many kinds to try and curious me wants to experience them! I don't want to stick to just one brand because it gets boring and tiresome to my morning bath.
I also know I should have a hot oil or hair cut every month but I do not like to go to the salon that often because sometimes when the attendant handles my hair roughly, and pull while combing or shampooing, I get stressed out.
So I prefer to have treatments at home. One time I used mayonnaise and it seemed thicker. Sometimes, I use vinegar on my second to the last rinse. Although my hair smells repulsive, it seems clarified- shinier and lighter.
Every time I shampoo my hair I ALWAYS follow with a conditioner. I don't wash my hair when I didn't go out the previous day. I wash my hair about 6 times a week because the pollution is too much. Sometimes, when I go out, I use leave on hair treatment like Lucido-L or L'Oreal Extraordinary oil. I don't use them often because it might go to my face and cause breakouts.

Update: I realized I didn't write my complete routine. After shampoo and conditioner, I comb my hair to remove tangles. Before, I used the original Hair Doctor with metal rotating bristles that I own for 15 years now! But I stopped using this metallic comb because I colored my hair. Now I use a wide-toothed plastic comb which can be seen here. Then at night, before I wash my face, I use my Goody brush to remove the day's dust, dirt and pollution. I don't use electric appliance because I am afraid of inflicting more damage. No blow dryer, straightener or curler.

Currently, I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner. These are made in Thailand. This is also a review of Total Damage Care shampoo and Hair Fall Control conditioner.


  • Hair is soft and manageable all day
  • Fresh floral fragrance (depending on your activity, fragrance may last all day) and hair feels light
  • My colleague told me she never uses any other ONLY THIS brand because her hair is hiyang
  • It was on promo- buy a bottle of shampoo free sachets of conditioner plus a chance to win a diamond just check the inside of the carton if it was printed there
  • I am not sure if there is any significant benefit of anti-damage and hair fall because last time I checked, I still had split ends so I just had a hair cut. Regarding hair fall, it was less with this brand but it's also addressed by the trim and hair mud. :p
palmolive conditioner pantene conditioner
Palmolive with more contents at 14ml is even slightly smaller than the big pantene sachet, both Pantene 10 ml only. All about 6 Philippine Pesos each at stores

  • The packaging looks misleading to me- because I was used to its small size sachet and then here comes a big size sachet with 80% MORE in bold letters. One really has to inspect and read it carefully to know that it's the same amount 10 ml- buyer beware
  • It's one of the higher priced brands and maybe it's price can be lower had it not been using celebrities and commercials but who am I to say that? They benefit from the stars' popularity. And in commercials we see perfect hair and before I naively thought hey just by using this once my hair will be like that? I realized it is NOT achieved from wash and wear coz it takes a team of stylists
  • A chemically -laden (sulfate, dimethicone) product not for people who use 'organic'
Will I buy it again?

Not for now simply because I already have other products lined up! I got the L'Oreal fall repair sachets as samples at the supermarket/department store. They gave it for free so we can try it.. Then I got the L'Oreal Total Repair at buy 12 shampoos get 12 conditioners free. Aren't they generous?
l'oreal shampoo and conditioner
the bottle of Pantene shampoo i am currently using and after i finish it i will use next the L'oreal sachets

My classmate before who had gorgeous jet-black megashiny long hair said she uses the oil from coconuts (freshly made, not the kind bought in supermarkets) weekly.
That's a wrap! Thank you for reading!