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Ideal's Antepara Contact Lens Honest Review

I have been buying eyeglasses contact lenses from Ideal Vision since my uncle brought me to a branch in Divisoria. That was in 1999 or 2000 I think. You can imagine how long that was. So between EO, Quiapo, Jins, other brands, I always go back to Ideal. I like the selection of branded names they carry. I even have their VIP discount card. Early this year, I bought a new pair from nearby Ideal (Vision) which I was not able to use. It was too high that I feel dizzy whenever I put it on. Well no one to blame since there was eye check up or test prior and I chose that grade.  You see right after pandemic I bought eyeglasses from a faraway Ideal (in Alabang yata), which was Amtepara in the color red. The opto took my results and they were higher than the one I was wearing. Of course during pandemic I had a lot of screen time. But because baka manibago ako with sudden higher grade, I agreed to keep the grade in my old lens. (Buti na lang I had Nextpair to the rescue. I subtracted 50 each fro

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