Monday, December 30, 2013

X'MAS: More fun in the Philippines

I chose this title in keeping with the Department of Tourism's slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines" to promote and encourage visitors here in the country.

 During the Holiday season, this is the atmosphere or vibe, and traditions I noticed. I was born and raised in the capital, Manila City, by the way. Like the majority of the population, I am a Roman Catholic.
christmas philippines
one of the houses in the neighborhood


  • Filipinos are more giving, sharing, forgiving and jolly.
  • Many people like to go house to house Caroling. When they are given money they end with, "thank you, thank you, you are so kind, thank you!" but when the house owner says "pass" and don't give anything, the carolers say "thank you thank you, you are very miserly, thank you!" I just translated it from the vernacular.
  •  Families eat, celebrate and open gifts together during Christmas Eve.
  • On Christmas, people usually wear RED to signify BIRTHDAY.

  • On Christmas Day, godchildren go to their godparents to make mano (putting the elder's hand on their forehand) and for aguinaldo or Christmas presents.
  • People also go to church; there are Masses the whole day on Christmas.
  • Before the "most magical time of the year", shopping malls are overcrowded with frenzied shoppers looking for Christmas gifts. Also overcrowded is the popular Divisoria in Manila, well known for the cheap items ideal as stocking stuffers.
christmas tree
festive atmosphere in hotels, malls, restaurants, etc

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jumpstart your mornings with coffee and have a NICE DAY!

Hi dearies,

I found out about Nice Day Coffee during Blogapalooza 2013. It is brought to us by the people behind YSA Skin Center and GlutaMAX.

nice day coffee

There are 3 variants-

NICE DAY COFFEE CLEANSE 10 in 1 Coffee Mix (Php 200 per box of 10 sachets)
Nice Day Coffee Cleanse is a master composition of all the health beneficial sources from Ganoderma, the most nutritious medicinal mushroom, that actively combats cancer cell growth and proliferation;
Grape Seed aids to improve blood circulation in the cardiovascular system resulting to lower cholesterol, hypertension prevention and protection of the blood vessels;
Goji Berry, also called the "superfruit", is rich in nutrients and anti-aging properties also preserving vision and mental well-being;
Cranberry safeguards the kidneys from disorders and reduces instances of urinary tract infections (UTI);
Sylimarin recognized as "liver tonics", repairs and prevents damage of the liver fro toxic chemicals and medications; 
Spirulina, a microalgae turned "superfood", possesses natural detoxifying functions and immune boosting nutrients;
Coconut Sugar as the healthier and natural sweetener preventing risks of chronic conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, cancer, heart diseases and obesity.*

NICE DAY COFFEE SLIM 6 in 1 Coffee Mix (Php 180 per box of 10 sachets)
Nice Day Coffee Slim is a safe and effective dietary coffee mixture that contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Fat Burner, L-Carnitine and Fiber that aids in weight management. 
CLA Fat Burner helps shrink the fat that is stored around the abdomen (belly fat) and thigh areas;
L-Carnitine burns the fat and converts it into energy. It is important for heart and brain, muscle movement, and many other body processes;
Fiber promotes good digestive health and regulatory, enhances weight loss,reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes;
Sucralose adds sweetness without the extra calories and carbohydrates.*

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be Captivated with Circus Vargas: MagiKaria!

As I was watching, ooh-ing and aah-ing to the performances of the world-class acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, daredevils, illusionists, Master Gaucho and clowns of Circus Vargas, I realized one thing- my eyes were glued to the stage! I didn't want to blink and miss one second of it. That was how fully charged the show was.
kenya brothers
Crazy limbo rock under burning pole

I learned that what I attended yesterday, December 23, 2013 7 P.M. - 9 P.M. at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, was a free Benefit Gala and Premiere Night. They were very kind to bring joy to underprivileged Filipino children.
jon weiss circus vargas
Jon Weiss' superhuman balancing on his nose and chin (!)

That's me with him, he said he will transform me into Angelina Jolie (I wish!) Hehe joke only
jon weiss

Friday, December 20, 2013

A pleasant transaction with a trustworthy wine seller

I haven't met an adult who hasn't bought or at least tasted liquor even once in their lifetime. That being said, liquor is a popular gift perfect for the Holidays. A distinguished person who has almost everything in their lives, even an ordinary simple folk, will surely appreciate wine given as a present. It symbolizes celebrations, happy memories.

Many corporations spend on corporate gifts for their valued clients. Wouldn't it be great if your regular liquor spending  could give you rewards and freebies? is a novel concept. It was established just this October 2013, but its mother company, Global Noble International Corporation or GNIC, (Milkita lollipops and candies, endorsed by actress Judy Ann Santos, is one of its popular goods) has been in the business for ten years.

What I admire about is their thrust in promoting responsible drinking and knowledge about liquor. Yeah wine is delicious. To appreciate it, I know that after pouring it from the bottle, smell, swirl the contents of the glass, smell again, sip and let it stay in your mouth for a bit before swallowing. Cheers! But I have to admit I don't know Cabernet from Carmenere. Good thing, they have a Trivia and Wines and Spirits Glossary Page. Knowledge empowers you and helps you make a wise choice in choosing your liquor.

How to order: Easy as 1-2-3 with a user friendly site

  1. Register for free; fill in your details, click the email they send you, then log in
  2. Choose what you want, then the computer will generate what your freebies are based on the order
  3. Choose payment and delivery options
And you're done! Hassle free and quick response. You may call their hotline, email or message their FB for concerns. They have friendly and accommodating staff, and more than willing to supply you with the info.

In my case, it was pick up orders. (You may also avail FREE delivery within NCR for Php 1,000 worth of purchase. ) I need to bring the printed voucher and a valid ID by 4 PM. I was coming from LRT 5th Station Caloocan and here's how to get to their office.

  • From the LRT walk straight going to Araneta Avenue (but it's just a short distance, you won't reach La Loma) and ride in the jeepney terminal going to Quezon Avenue
  • The ride's end is at the Sanctuarium, beside that there is a jeepney terminal bound for SM Sta Mesa, ride there
  • Tell the driver to drop you off at ILO Building, 195 G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines, past Puregold QI.
ilo building

Easy to find ILO Building, there's Eastwest Bank and BDO at the ground floor

What I got:

With the order of >
        Terra Noble Kaykun Pinot Noir
Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur 750ml
  Moet & Chandon Champagne
  Terra Noble Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva
The freebies are>
  Smirnoff Red Vodka 1L
  Beck's Beer
  Tiger Lager Beer  2 bottles

Accumulate enough points and you can get high end gadgets and appliances!

With, you can be assured that you get real, authentic wines and spirits. Choose from the finest, and high end brands, even affordable wines for just Php 250. They also boast of premium wines with a high point rating scale.

MAIN BRANDS include Casa Noble, Hennessy VS Cognac, XXX Siglo Trienta, Oldenburg, Hudson's Peak and these featured below

BenMore Four Casks Blended Scotch Whisky

"BenMore Four Casks Blended Scotch Whisky is the newest Scotch Whisky imported from Scotland and is produced by Diageo, the makers of Johnnie Walker. Drink it on the rocks, with water, with soda/tonic, with cola or with iced tea."

BenMore was endorsed by celebrity/model Borgy Manotoc

Terra Noble

Terra Noble Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva
"This Gran Reserva Chilean Red Wine has strong structure, full body style and offers fresh red and black berries, smoke and toasted aromas. It matches with fatty steak, creamed spinach, garlic, mashed potato, and lamb."

Terra Noble Kaykun Pinot Noir
"A premium Chilean Pinot Noir, its attractive red color with harmonious aromas of cherry, cassis, and oak leads to a very gentle and pleasurable taste that is persistent on palate. Complements with shellfish, salmon, grilled chicken and creamy cheeses."
pinot noir

Tiger Lager Beer
"A lot goes into every bottle of Tiger. The finest malt, hops and yeast. Taste-testing over 10 samples of water every day. Over 200 quality checks. It’s all part of a strict brewing process that takes over 500 hours. Little wonder that Tiger has garnered over 40 international awards to date, including 2 silvers at the World Beer Championships 2010 for Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal."


Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur
 "A delicious blend of fresh Irish dairy cream, aged Irish Whisky, the finest natural chocolate and crystal clear Irish spring water. Molly's do not use any additives or artificial preservatives, instead, the finest whisky is added to the milk creating a unique relationship where the cream is preserved by alcohol alone.
Molly's is the perfect ladies' drink. Drink it straight, chilled, over ice or mixed into your favorite cocktails."
Tip for the ladies- swirl Milkita lollipop with your Molly's

smirnoff beck's

Some of their GUEST BRANDS

Moet & Chandon Champagne
"Moet et Chandon is a French winery from the Champagne Region of France owned by Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton that is one of the world's largest sparkling wine producers."
Trivia- Champagne is also sparkling wine, but originating from FRANCE
Smirnoff Red Vodka
"The world's no. 1 vodka known for its pure, clean and ultra smooth classic vodka taste."
Commercial description: Original Beck’s is a classic German lager beer with a distinctive full-bodi
ed taste, fresh "hoppy" bouquet, golden color and full rich head. Adding to its complexity is a slightly fruity but firm crispness and a dry, clean finish.

Further reading here

Credits: 1st picture from FB page,  descriptive words in "" from  website

Special thanks to, Mr. Ariel, and Ms. Jean

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Mandom Bifesta Review

Hi, everyone!

mandom bifesta

This is my review of Mandom's Bifesta BRIGHT UP Cleansing Lotion! I bought it at Watsons 300 ml, Php 419. I am comparing it with Dove Foaming Makeup Remover which works like a facial cleanser.

dove makeup remover

For Dove Foaming Makeup Remover, price is Php 359 and I distinctly remember it was at 50% off when I bought it in SM North Edsa. It's made in Thailand.
Both has its advantage and disadvantage.

Bifesta Pros:

  • Save on water, and other skin care product consumption if you use it as 1 step
  • 1 step easy and convenient
  • Has skin care properties depending on the variant- Bright up (saxifrage extract, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid), Moist, Sebum, Age care
  • Feels refreshing, not oily
Bifesta Cons:
  • You will spend on the cotton or pads that you use, especially when you use thick makeup, you will use many pieces, I use cotton buds on remaining gunk on the eyes

  • I can't comment if I saw real brightening results as I am never, never too lazy to wash my face with cleanser at night then tone and moisturize, meaning I cannot use EXCLUSIVELY this. BEAUTY is a discipline!!! Also, I already have very fair skin so I can't say if it can turn any lighter
Dove Pros:
  • Easy- Use on dry hands and face like a liquid cleanser, rinse, then follow with your usual soap/cleanser
  • I don't need to use cotton/swab to remove my makeup- save money on that
Dove Cons:
  • In comparison with Bifesta's supposed 1 step- DONE, with Dove there is water consumption
  • This is just a makeup remover, you have to follow with your usual skin care routine
  • Even after washing my face, sometime's I see stubborn eyeliner, mascara smudges so I use a cotton bud with makeup remover for that
  • Organic-conscious folks might be off seeing "paraben"
It's up the consumer to decide which among the two they perfer!!! As for me, both are ok  :) 

bifesta bright up

I recommend to use square flat cotton

1 pump of Bifesta on 1 piece cotton pad removed the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil, on the right side. One time when I was using it, a little amount went into my eye but it did not sting- just a lil discomfort- so it's gentle.

I have these FREE Bifesta Cleansing Express Cloths during the BDJ event!!! I love these cause it's so convenient when I travel! There's generous amount of essence inside and the sheet is fully soaked. (The Lucido-L not a freebie, I bought it. I just included it here, although it's also in their booth and they gave free styling/giveaways)


I love that Mandom is made in Japan, meaning good quality!
I also used to have the Gatsby oil control paper..

Here are my other Mandom stuff!...

The Gatsby shaving foam can be bought with free small tube of facial foam. Forgot the cost (maybe around Php 150) but it's mid-priced, meaning I was comparing it with other brands, one was cheaper, the other more expensive! I love that it has a citrusy scent and leaves a cool feeling.

The Lucido-L on the other hand, was availed in Watsons for Php 295 with 50% off, so it's just Php 147.50, plus choose if you want a free comb or notebook with pen, PLUS get a FREE hairstyling! You can have your hair straightened or curled!!! Whoa! Can you beat that?! This was for light and bouncy waves type as I had a digital perm many months ago and the ringlets/curls are almost gone. It's not oily/greasy so I don't expect and use it to bring megawatt shine on my hair. It's supposed to bring health to the hair with its CMC like ingredients and hyaluronic acid. I normally use two squirts; sure love the fragrance and its lightness!

gatsby shaving foam

Check out reviews of other variants of Bifesta-

Rattus for Age Care
Maggie for Moist

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Proud to be a Nerd!

Yep, it's out now. I'm a nerd, geek, wallflower, described as an introvert, and unpopular.

But I don't mind, as I am happy with my life, my simple joys, my family, animals, reading books, watching TV, eating chocolates all I want, and other stuff. I never really had a social life, only recently.
When I was studying, it was always school-home, home-school. I was blessed to achieve good grades and become a scholar.

I don't go to discos/bars and I don't know how to dance for sure.
 In other words, I'm a homebody, but not necessarily a goody-two-shoes.
Though I was always bullied, I'd never start a fight. I'd sometimes cry when I was a kid.
It will take a lot to make me cry now as I don't shed tears easily, if any, I get infuriated. And I will never forget that person, he/she is on my BANNED list.

Can you feel me? ANYONE? NO ONE?

I wrote this cause I got inspired. I saw a T-shirt with the words "GEEK CHIC". Then when I was watching a noontime show, there was a contestant wearing big "eyeglasses". The host asked him why he is wearing those frames but WITHOUT lenses and he said, "because nerds are the in-thing nowadays," Or something to that effect. SO the host quipped, "You don't look cute, you look stupid!!!"

A lot of people asked me if my eyeglasses are graded or just for show. Huh! I would never wear this if only I could, because it's much of an inconvenience and hassle! I started wearing eyeglasses then contact lens when I was around 15/16. Back then, they were more pricey. Now, I see so many affordable brands. Here are the ones I'm currently sporting, so yeah, this is my "fashion" post.

Forgive me, so many selfie shots below! But I rarely take selfies so excuse these... I'm with Rilakumma by the way.

near-sighted me, shot on location near the window hehe
My favorite green Disney's Mickey Mouse eyeglasses, bought in IDEAL VISION for about Php 2, 500.
mickey mouse eyeglass

My most recently bought eyeglass from EO EXECUTIVE OPTICAL (Herme Studio, I think this is FREE with coated lens purchase of estimate Php 750) because the Disney eyeglass above has some scratch/dent which looks like the dog bit it.

eo optical

Eyeglass also from EO, Viseo brand, (I think this is FREE when you buy the ordinary lens, about Php 250). My husband said it gave me the most flattering look
eo optical

At first, I was glad to find the saleslady put it inside a POLO SPORT casing. The day after, the inner lining separated from the covering! :(
polo sport
Why give me this?!
eo eyewear
After a year of using, this is what happened to the 2 cheap priced eyeglasses bought from EO- the silver one had rust on some areas while for the red one- the plastic became wrinkly in the middle where I touch to push it up.  Before, I bought from Quiapo original HangTen frames, after 2 years, there were parts where color chipped and the silver beneath showed through because I cleaned it with alcohol.

DKNY shades, given by my uncle. I only wear this once in a blue moon, As it is, I already can't see properly, what more if my vision is darkened! But, I have 2 more sunglasses I bought but don't wear. (?!)


The optometrist said, why do you have 3 eyeglasses at the same time? I think I was getting a headache with my red glasses. The grades of my two eyes are different, one 2.5 the other 2.25. One side has astigmatism.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Richenna Bubble Color Review

Hi lovelies!
This is my second time using this product. The first time was less than a year ago.

richenna korea
colorant, developer, empty bottle where you combine the 2; conditioner, cape, gloves, instruction leaflet

Richenna Bubble Color is manufactured by Sewha P&C.
Its features are

  • Permanent hair color in bubble type
  • High concentration of Lavender, Sage extract and Amino Acid
  • No PPD

This is easy to apply- just like when shampooing, massage the foam into your hair. After putting it on the hand and applying it onto the hair, my nostrils were bombarded with a somewhat light chemical scent that went away after a while. After a few minutes some parts of my scalp stung a little, but it's tolerable.
The best part was the conditioner. It made my hair so soft, smooth and tangle-free like never before.

richenna bubble color 2

It was on sale from Php 350+ to Php 309. I was happy that it came with a free nail polish also made in Korea. Super love the color of Estilo Season 2 in VP04 Cherry Blossom. It dries easily and just one coat is enough to see its beautiful bright shimmery color. But if you apply just one coat it will chip away like what happened when I did the laundry.
estilo nail polish

Before, my hair was black (because it's been many months since I last colored it.) but you can see it as medium brown when light hits it. Actually, I was born with brownish hair but it got darker as I got older. After using this 11L Light blonde shade,  it turned to medium brown, and light brown when light hits the strands. But it still looks black from afar.
hair color result
with flash

I think black hair won't turn into yellow with just one use, it needs repeated bleaching. But I don't mind that this wasn't as light as I expected because I tried blonde hair (if I remember correctly, I used the very cheap Php 10 hair color that you can buy from the sidewalk. I won't use it again because it's scary!) many years ago and I don't think it looks flattering on me.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

BDJ x MAX FACTOR Soiree: Xclusive & Xtravagant!

Lady Luck was smiling at me as I was counted among the handful of girls chosen to attend BDJ Box's ultra-exclusive last soiree for the year 2013, with Max Factor. I joined their online contest and the whole week I was anticipating it. Maybe all the positive thinking moved the powers that be and I was chosen. For sure, I will be sad if I didn't make it because, I am very excited for this. Max Factor Pan Stik was the very first makeup I ever used during my teens.
bdj max factor soiree

It was held December 14, 3 to 6 pm. The venue was at posh Rustan's Makati in the Max Factor booth at the department store. Just for this day, they offered a special discount for the attendees- 20% off! Even Creme Puff was included, which does not normally go on sale.

bdj max factor soiree

Registration starts 2:30 pm. They said they will be having an early bird reward. This was something I could control so I really made effort to leave the house early. I was thinking is the prize a makeover from the expert himself?

Mr. Bobby Carlos, the National Makeup Artist of Max Factor, also studied makeup in France and Singapore (can I say wow!) He will show us how to achieve the look he calls the Parisian. Because 'tis the festive season, the focal point is the eyes (smoky) and the skin is very matte...
He was cracking jokes because he is avoiding dead silence, making the demo a pleasant learning experience. We were always laughing.

bobby carlos rustan's makati

Some of the tips he generously shared:

  • Apply makeup, even if you are testing in counters, in a clean face. You cannot choose the proper exact shade same as your natural complexion  if there is dirt, oil and makeup changing the color on your face.
  • For the base, he used Face Finity (Php 925) because he swears by it. It doesn't change color to lighter or darker. Suitable for acidic individuals. Can also be used as a concealer because it's buildable, just pat more layers.
  • Difference between loose, pressed and compact POWDER. The first two was easy because of the form. But for pressed and compact, I thought  it's a difficult question because they are the same form. He said pressed is used to set makeup, while compact is what you bring for travel, and it is to color correct your foundation. Now, I'm not so sure though, it's how I understood it. But Creme Puff is both pressed and compact.
  • Sometimes a person can wet the eyeshadow and turn this into eyeliner. Don't use it to draw in the waterline (pinkish part just above the lower eyelashes.) Powder is still powder and some particles may fall apart and cause irritation in the eye.
  • Blush SHOULD be in the fleshy part (apples) of the cheek seen when you smile- same color as your natural flush when exercising/pinched. Contouring is a different story. But you can apply blush in an "8" form, going up towards the temples.
  • Full lips should apply gloss only smack in the middle of their upper and lower lips only, not all over.
  • I know this already and I agree, use makeup to accentuate, not camouflage your beauty. The goal should be, "You look beautiful" not "Your makeup looks beautiful."
  • His strategy in making  lusher lashes with a curl that stays- use the eyelash curler at 3 points for few seconds (base, mid, near tips) then hold wand vertically and build up a base just near the roots, let it dry a bit then apply mascara as you normally do.
  •  A "teacher" can teach his/her student all the techniques but the result will differ in the application.
  • There are no definitive rules when it comes to makeup. As long as you are comfortable. You can be your own makeup artist!

The model's eyebrows was already done so I can't give you tips on how he makes his fabulous "kilay"... or did I momentarily zone out and missed it? Sorry I don't know...

bobby carlos max factor

He said he is time constrained so the demo was only on half of model's face. I thought it was time for us to bid adieu. Boy, was I wrong! The generous sponsors treated us to extravagant snacks upstairs at luxurious EAST Creative Asian Cuisine.

I missed my amigas Rattus and Ana,

but I met new friends.

I like this green dress,from Arrow

My prize for early bird is the Xperience foundation!
max factor xperience foundation

In case you are wondering, it is Php 995 with 30% discount if you buy at SM Makati's sale. It is sealed when you buy it.

 We took home this nice gold Gwyneth Paltrow pouch while others received the black zippered version. Like it? You can get yours for free when you buy worth Php 2500 of products inclusive of Creme Puff in the new gold packaging. They have a more bongga kit with travel sized makeup when you buy worth Php 3500. Sure are lucky the recipients!

Be sure to check the part 2 of this post because my day didn't end here. More fun, and sale alert click this.
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Sale Alert! December 14 with Swarovski Aura

Here's where the rest of the night took me... Part 2 of my happy escapades after BDJ x Max Factor and snacks at East. Check it out click this
I was not really planning to go shopping. Maybe look to see if some basic grocery and necessities were on sale. We wanted to go home immediately but the night had other plans for us. We rode the MRT from Ayala, and overcrowded is a mild way to describe it. Even my hair got sort of yanked with the onslaught of citizens going inside. When I looked behind me it was the loony girl. This nasty b#atch was making snide remarks that me and my companion had cut into the queue. The truth is, they were in the wrong lane. We stood in the arrow pointing to the train for those going to board and they stood at the arrow pointing away for the alighting passengers. It's not our fault she's such a nincompoop!

Here are some on sale stuff I bought

Rustan's Makati Supermarket- I recommend to bring a big eco-bag or pay Php 15 for their bag. They can wrap it in a brown bag but it's obviously not sturdy. My canned good fell to the floor, then of course the paper was in pieces because of the moist ice cream. So we got a plastic bag.

Magnolia Ice Cream Php 120. Bought it 6pm and arrived home at past midnight- 1 am. Surely it has melted.
I like the biscuits and chocolates of the Casino brand. Made in France, 50% off now Php 58.50

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt- I think it's 50% off, now down to Php 134. I ate it while waiting for the Soiree. Sour taste partnered with sweet cherry-yum!

Landmark Trinoma Supermarket/ Department Store- I'm glad that you can bring your used plastic bag and they will give you a coupon for their new plastic bag. Otherwise, prepare Php 2.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The best wines and spirits deals in town!

Thank goodness for the Holidays! It's the only time of the year when I get drunk!
But I don't just drink any beer, I go for wine! I prefer the sophisticated fruity taste of wine, and how I feel much more bolder after many glasses. (But not to the point of losing control of myself. Drink responsibly!)
I love that it also has many proven health benefits, including-

  • promoting longevity
  • lowering the risk for heart attack/disease, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, cataracts, brain decline
  • Anti-oxidants to keep one healthy, youthful and beautiful

During my visit at Blogapalooza 2013, I came across the Gurkka booth. is an affiliate of Global Noble International Corporation (GNIC). GNIC has been in the business of consumer-goods distribution since Year 2003.
I usually buy wines from supermarkets so this is a new (but winning) concept for me. They boast of a vast selection of quality alcopops, brandy, liqueur/mixers, rum, tequila, vodka, whisky, wines, imported beers. Brands include BenMore, Molly's, Terra Noble, Casa Noble, Hennessy, XXX Siglo Trienta, Oldenburg, Hudson's Peak...

I feel shopping at Gurkka for wines and spirits for yourself, or for corporations' giveaways is very advantageous and convenient. Imagine, they offer:

  • Free delivery!* Save time, effort and travel expense.
  • Wines and spirits are given as Freebies with purchase!
  • Reward points to win gadgets/appliances every time you buy!
  • Free delivery (oh wait, I said that before just wanna stress it. Carrying bottles of wine from the grocery is heavy!) 
*minimum of Php 1,000, within NCR

I was at the supermarket yesterday and it was a mad house out there. So if you wanna avoid the Holiday rush (and maybe a couple of snatchers/hold-uppers who are very "alive" during the season), buying online is the way to go!

For other info, you may get in touch with  them in their Facebook page at
Register at their website

Trivia about the name: - came from the word Gurkha/Gorkha which refers to military units in the British or the Indian Army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered to be naturally aggressive in battle and possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, resilience, trustworthiness and reliability, that’s why they are highly depended on to protect. is also committed to be trustworthy and reliable in delivering authentic and genuine products.

All picture credits go to

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kick back relax have a karate kid

Gusto ko malaki! (I want jumbo!) that's the slogan for Karate Kid fast food's pork chop which,  of course, I had tried already and definitely liked.

karate kid fastfood chop

When I first heard of Karate Kid many years ago, I wanted to dine in there ASAP. My love for anime and  Japanese food was the rationale. After trying it, I brought my family to sample their cuisine and we agreed that it is a place worth coming back to.

When I attended the Blogapalooza 2013, I saw that Karate Kid, along with sister companies Flavours of China, Tempura Japanese Grill and Congo Grille, (all by Cafe France Corp., ) generously sponsored the food of the guests!
Now I had been to these dining establishments mentioned before, but my favorite is Karate Kid (or is it a tie with Flavours of China because of the yummy unlimited Yang Chow rice?)
Here I will make a review or observations of my most recent visit, and it's in the SM Monumento Caloocan branch last December 5, 2013.

The Seafood Teppan has vegetables, squid, fish, shrimps. Just the sauce by itself is enough to whet your appetite and have numerous rice refills. My companion, who we shall call Mr. Unli Rice was happy that the refill rice was delicious and does not taste like NFA. Result: He downed his usual 7 cups despite his resolution to not eat much at night.

I ordered my favorite sweet- mochi halo halo. It has generous toppings of red/green/yellow mochi balls, mung bean, black gulaman and sago, nata de coco, leche flan, and you can choose the flavor of the ice cream scoop- vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/mango.

Budget friendly! Our main dish set us back Php 296 only and it is already good for sharing and with unlimited rice and kido punch for 2; while the special halo halo costs Php 65.

Pop and Japanese songs were played and the volume is just right. There are other establishments with too loud volume that make me feel agitated.

Courteous and polite- the right way businesses SHOULD be treating customers! Staff was diligent in offering the juice and rice refills, we didn't need to wait for an eternity to be given the extra servings.

I was surprised during my visit that evening when I did not smell any funky malodour from the toilet which I usually encounter in many establishments. What greeted me was the nice scent of air freshener. It was also clean and there was tissue paper. The handwash area was outside, there's also liquid soap provided. Maybe it's really good (that way always) or it was extra special that moment coz I read 'audit day!' on their cleaning list on the wall. Great job on this - clean, fragrant CR, basic tissue and soap supplied. I hope they maintain their good hygiene standards!

I like that they give free WI-FI access to guests. (cause we need to put a picture of that cute sushi or whatever on IG/FB agad-agad #foodporn :)! I tried to connect using the password they gave me. Unfortunately, I couldn't! I tried a few times and asked if it might have been changed because I couldn't connect. I asked again and said they had restart/reset/refresh (forgot the exact term) which  resulted in their Wi-fi not being accessed by my phone at all! It just disappeared from my phone's list of available connections no matter how many times I scanned. (Similar thing happened to me before at a milk tea house in QC. I asked for the password, he said it's in the bottom of the receipt. Tried it a few times, won't work. Thought my phone had a problem. Showed it to him and he said oh it's not updated and wrote the new password. Just a minor inconvenience.)

All in all, I highly recommend Karate Kid fast food! Your tummy and your wallet will leave happy!

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