Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 3 Ever Bilena Favorites

Hello po!
To be very honest, I once was afraid of using local powders. Why? Because when I was in high school, I bought a local brand- it was a budget pack. For about Php 100, it contains a face powder, lipstick and eye liner. Every single time I would use the face powder, I would have pimples later the day or the following day. I would stop and it was okay. Then I would use it again and then new bumps will appear. It was scary.

Fast forward, present day. Whenever I am in comfort rooms, in public vehicles, malls, I would see girls whipping out their Ever Bilena. I can see in my social media that many girls patronize it too. So when I laid my hands on these, I decided to try it.

Who would have thought that I will like these too!

Ever Bilena eb AdvanceTwo Way Cake in Oriental  9g
Made in Taiwan
How much- Php 220

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Medium coverage, needs separate concealer for brown spots. I have tried to use it wet but I prefer using it dry with its sponge. This shade in Oriental is quite dark for me. It made my fair skin look brown.

eb Advance Lip and Cheek Stain in Very Red 20ml
Made in China
How much- Php 135

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Just a little goes a long way! Looks natural. Easy to blend- just use BEFORE applying the powder, and not on top.

eb Advance HD Eye Pencil
I think made in China (I already threw away the carton)
Set with mascara Php 250
Pencil only Php 60

The EB Advance HD Waterproof Mascara I bought comes with brown and black eye pencil inside the box as freebies. I did not like the mascara but the eye pencils were real keepers. It is pigmented, soft (glides), but I cannot keep it in my travel kikay kit because the cap always slides off making a mess. When it was brand new,  I gave away the black pencil and kept only the brown one to use as eyebrow pencil.

eb advance eyebrow pencil review, eb advance eyebrow pencil price, eb advance eyebrow pencil ingredients,
Hit the pan! Yeah!

It would take only 3 products and I feel already presentable. Face powder to even out the skin, lip and cheek tint for lips and cheeks, and the brown pencil for the eyebrow and as eyeliner. Some people like to use the eyebrow pencil to line the sides of their nose (as noseline, and then they blend with their fingers to make it look slimmer) but I personally don't do that.

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Yes, I feel sick and sleepy when I took this picture.

These Ever Bilena makeup did not cause me allergies or pimples.
Where to buy? It is widely available nationwide in supermarkets, drugstores, department stores, convenience stores.

How about you, what are your favorite Ever Bilena products? :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Way To A Healthier, Sexier You

Hello po!
We all want to be sexy! Here is an aid to getting that body you want- RedoXfat

Be Sexy and Hot with RedoXfat

Nowadays, people become more and more health and body conscious but with the temptation around us it can be a struggle. ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally believes that a healthy body reflects a slim figure. That is why they created a product that aids in achieving a slim and healthy figure– RedoXfat.

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RedoXfat is a slimming food supplement that has 7 times more L-Carnitine compared to other L-Carnitine containing food supplements. It aids in fat burning and helps increase your energy for more activities. RedoXfat also contains Green Tea Extract that helps speed up your metabolism and fights free radicals. RedoXfat can be bought in leading drugstores nationwide at P15.00 per capsule. RedoXfat is recommended to be taken one capsule with warm water before every meal. Being healthy and having a slender body doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is self-discipline and a little help from ATC Healthcare and RedoXfat. Slim down, Chin up with RedoXfat. For more exercise activities and diet tips, like RedoXfat on Facebook –

Thanks for reading the media release for RedoXfat!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Start A Beauty Regimen with Gluta White & Firm!- PR

Hello po!
This is about a product that you might be very familiar with as this is widely available in leading drugstores and supermarkets and they also give free facial/diamond peel with purchase! It is none other than Gluta White & Firm!

gluta white & firm l-carnitine clair blanche

To achieve whiter, firmer, and healthier skin, follow the golden rule of skincare: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Protect.

Gluta White & Firm, a revolutionary skincare product, made these steps easy and possible with its complete skincare line: Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Deodorant, and Pressed Powder. Enriched with Glutathione, Clair Blanche, L-Carnitine and Lipofirm, these ingredients will transform your skin into its healthiest, most beautiful state.

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Glutathione protects the cells from harmful toxins and at the same time lightens and brightens skin tone. It works together with Clair Blanche, a fusion of 7 active ingredients that also prevent melanin formation leading to better skin whitening efficacy. This revolutionary product is clinically-tested and proven effective by dermatologists to give whiter skin in just two weeks.

L-Carnitine and Lipofirm both break down fatty tissues to specifically reduce skin’s subcutaneous water and therefore increase skin firmness. This blend is formulated by dermatologists to lift sagged portions of the skin and brings back its fresh and youthful glow.

Make it a habit to follow Gluta White & Firm’s golden rule of skincare so you can say hello to a radiant skin and radiant life.

Gluta White & Firm is available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores nationwide.

Thank you for reading the media release for Gluta White & Firm! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nestle Wellness Expo 2015

Hello po!
Last July 5, 2015, I participated in Nestle's Choose Wellness Expo in Megatrade. It was my second time, the first one was last year and their gift for completing the challenge was an umbrella, now it is a big bag and it is quite durable as the fabric is katya. I pre-registered online thru Facebook. This is my experience.

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Choose Nestle Wellness for Breakfast 

Visit the booths, complete the game and challenge and win a prize! Some are Nestle products while others are useful kitchen items.

nestle choose wellness breakfast expo 2015, nestle expo megatrade 2015,

Breakfast 101. I learned that breakfast is very important and that it should be eaten within 2 hours after waking up and before 10:00 AM.

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Visit 3 booths plus this Nutrition Consultation within 1 and a half hour and get the souvenir- the eco bag.

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I also got free taste of Nescafe White Mocha, Milo r2, Nido. Not that it was my first time to taste those products, as Nestle had always been a part of our grocery ever since I was a baby!

nestle expo 2015 prizes, nestle mascot, sm megamall megatrade july 4 to 5 2015,
Kids love the mascots!

Nescafe- play the crossword puzzle or find the word.

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choose wellness expo, nestle philippines expo, nido,

Kimy- there is a photo booth but it was afternoon and it was cut off already. No worries, I got a free Kimy Krazy Banana.

choose wellness, nestle philippines, kimy,


chuckie nestle expo 2015, chuckie nestle wellness expo 2015, choose wellness,

Bear Brand

nestle, family reunion, expo, 2015, bear brand,

Fruit Selection- played with a whole group of people the hand wave avoiding obstacles and we got a cup of yogurt.

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Koko Krunch- I was not able to play here as this is very patok; maybe with most number of people lining up as winners can get a whole big carton of cereal. As the marshal said "inuubos na lang ang nakapila."

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Nestle Club

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There is also Maggi booth where I played true or false and won a syansi, and Kit Kat booth where the participants should upload pictures to get a free Kit Kat.

Selling area with bundling promo

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nestle promo bundle price expo 2015

This is my take home treat from Maggi, Nesfruta, Nescafe, Coffee-mate. I had one companion and his Nescafe  prize did not have that Coffee-mate Canister (the white bottle with red cap). So we returned and asked if we could have one. Its marshal replied that she is not the one packing and that we should give chance to others. So we can't do anything, but we learned a lesson. Check inside the bag before leaving. :p

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During the first day, July 4, I was there too but I just passed by and did not participate in  the booth challenges. I found out that on that day, there was a survey in the exit and respondents of that were given a towel.

I heard some people's feedback regarding this event. I have to say, there is no such thing as a perfect scenario for events of this scale. This expo is like a grand family reunion where everyone is invited- whether rich or poor, young or old, girl or boy. This is a public event and everyone should bring a spirit of fun, patience, understanding and vigilance. In other supermarket's expos and fair, Nestle is also an active sponsor. For me, I feel grateful for Nestle's generosity to the Filipino people.

Check out also the 21 Mornings Program and their wellness truck offering FREE breakfast here

Friday, July 3, 2015

Puerto Galera Trip!

Hello po!
Recently me and my significant other went to Beach Paradise Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. It was my second time. The first was with my relatives, when I was still a student.

From Manila, we drove to Batangas Port and then rode a banca by Minolo Shipping Lines in going to, and in leaving the next day, Puerto Galera.

We stopped over in Sabang, where diving is the attraction.We visited someone. It was their fiesta and the people were merry and hospitable, offering us food. There were banderitasmusiko and perya. :)

sabang, puerto galera, mindoro,

Then, here we are in White Beach! From Sabang to White Beach, one can ride a tricyle but in our case, we had a service vehicle.

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These two pictures- on top and below- were actually shot while we were leaving the White Beach.

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We were very happy. We love it!

puerto galera restaurants, puerto galera food,

puerto galera travel advisor, puerto galera beach advisor,

We checked in at VM Resort and Restaurant. A girl led us to the 3rd floor. The price per room is Php 1500 but we were able to haggle it down to Php 1200. So here are the amenities- two towels (of course it is not take home ha), Free Wi-Fi at the ground floor, two beds (I believe they are queen-sized), a small TV that would not turn on, air-con, hot and cold shower but its knob needs to be fixed because it just turns round and round and we have to guess or risk being scalded!

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Check out the rates for Puerto Galera's fun water sports activities. Island hopping, jetski, banana boat, kayak and more!

puerto galera water sport prices, puerto galera water sports rates,

I could not resist the water. As soon as we checked in, I immediately changed clothes and played in the beach. I tried to go farther and jump when the waves come in but soon, I found a wave too big and strong, that it toppled me and I ingested sea water and even sand, and it even went inside my ears boo-hu. I don't know how to swim so I just soaked in the sun and water, relishing the feel of the sand between my- everywhere!

sunset, beach, waves, puerto galera, philippines,

I love the night life says the song, but me- I would rather stay in bed when the moon is out! During my stroll, I caught a glimpse of seductive dancers and stand up comedians.

puerto galera beach nightlife

Lots of food choices available, but best to have fresh seafood barbeque!

fresh seafood, puerto galera, vendors,

I would like to suggest that, since the departure area has a warning sign that keeps vendors off that particular vicinity, the guideline be strictly reinforced. There's two vendors who, from the time I was in front of the resort up to the departure area, were really annoying me to buy their goods when I told them "no" already. One even sat beside me bugging me, making me feel very uncomfortable so I just stood up in a corner even though there are lots of chairs. Well this might be an isolated case because some people think I look kind, maybe like an easy target.

puerto galera, minolo shipping, father and son shipping, batangas port,

Here is like a guide of prices but I know you can score a better bargain! 1 Liter of bottled water ranges from Php 40 to Php 50, but good thing we found Dalisay brand which is refilled in the island and it only costs Php 25. These are some pasalubong we bought- mother of pearl earrings 3 pcs for Php 50, key chain 3 pcs for Php 50, tiger eye and black pearl earring Php 200 for the two (the pearl earrings are 50/100/150 depending on the size), T-shirt Large Php 90 each, bocayo 5 pcs for Php 100 (but near the departure area, a vendor is selling it 8 pcs for Php 100), a bundle of 2 pusit (squid) and 1 labahita (fish) is Php 200, Merl's suman sa lihiya 12 pcs pack's price is Php 150.

puerto galera, pasalubong, merls suman sa lihiya, pearl earrings,

Yes, traveling might cost big money. I know this because we like to explore different places yearly. But the fun and adventure, the experience, seeing the beauty of nature with one's own eyes- priceless.