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HBC Body Recipe Calamansi Lightening Powder Review

I was scouring the aisles of HBC for a product that would lighten the fuzz on my arms (yes I am slightly  balbon) but I cannot find anything for this there. So I just decided to buy Body Recipe Calamansi Lightening Powder.

A long time ago, I have tried the other brand of whitening powder (this came way ahead of Body Recipe) which was Etta's bleaching powder.

A box is sealed with shrink wrap all around. It contains 2 sachets of 60g powder and a bottle of solution. Just one 60g powder pack was sufficient for my entire body (I only applied on the front limbs though) so I saved the other one for next time. I did not use it on the face by the way.

 HBC Body Recipe Calamansi Lightening Powder Review

Price: Php 142.

Made in the Philippines.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, citrus microcarpa, niacinamide, hydrogen peroxide, among others-

 HBC Body Recipe Calamansi Lightening Powder ingredients, price,


-Lightens (a bit!) at a cheap price.

-Did not make my skin peel.


-Stings a little the longer it is on.

-Messy: I had to sweep the powder that fell.

-Inconvenient: Too much work.

-Tiring: I got tired trying to mix the powder and the liquid! It took so long until they finally combined. The technique is to stir in a circular (think clockwise) movement. Little rounds. Like how an electric batter mixer works.

does bleaching powder work, ettas,


-For the liquid (hydrogen peroxide) to be in a transparent bottle so we can know if we used half. 1 part is to 1 part, how am I supposed to know I am not using more than the exact amount of the liquid. Pa'no if 1/3 na lang pala natira for the other 60g powder, then it will not be equal anymore. Or maybe two bottles that will correspond to the two sachets.


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It seemed lighter in person.


Hmm... Sorry but this beauty blogger doesn't feel like buying it again or recommending it. Ma-effort masyado. I would rather stick to my whitening soaps! Kahit nga whitening  lotion often I feel lazy to apply because they tend to feel sticky, hot, and no time to apply nagmamadali to go out, basta, but that is another topic.

Thanks for reading my review of HBC Body Recipe Calamansi Lightening Powder! :)

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