Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tricks on How to Maximize Points with PERA SWIPE

Hello po! So dear frens, if you have been curious enough to join the latest rewards app, PERA SWIPE (learn more from my introductory article), here are more tips on how to use and maximize the app!

PERA SWIPE app rewards PERA PALS with mobile gift certificates, prizes, points, bonuses and mobile load!

how to use pera swipe app philippines

So I have been using it and having fun. The lock screen shows ads/articles, then you just swipe and get points. Points are convertible to rewards.

How to use PERA SWIPE:

First install the app ha -! You also need to have Internet- Wi-Fi or data connection- for PERA SWIPE to work. Then swipe to your heart's delight! Swiping right just allows you to unlock your phone, while swiping left brings you to a landing page; either website or social media page.

Earn points in THREE ways:

1. By swiping left or right.
- Get +1 point from every swipe.
- Get +3 points for up to 4 times every hour.
- Get more points from lock screen events and app installs.
- Swipe and scroll up and down on your PERA SWIPE lock screen 100 times a day and
get 100 swipe incentive points the next day.
- Earn up to 200+ points every day by just swiping!

pera swipe app developer mobino

2. Join events and contests conducted by PERA SWIPE.
- Follow PERA SWIPE’s events and announcements in the app or on their Facebook page
( to join contests and win exciting prizes from Gift Certificates to
Smartphones and even flight tickets!

pera swip hack, pera swipe bonus

3. Invite friends to install PERA SWIPE.
- Earn 500 points from referring friends. The more friends you invite that download the app, the more points you can receive. Upon signing up, use my referral ID pisceanrat so you will have an exclusive 500 points gift!

So those are the three things you must keep in mind when using PERA SWIPE.

pera swipe redeem
PERA SWIPE is family friendly and Pinoy oriented.

Extra Tips:

-Use the app and invite every day diligently, put effort as much as you can.
-Follow them on social media so you know their events ahead and be able to participate (like promos, the contests run for a limited time).
-Have fun and enjoy the app!

Now who would have thought the simple lock screen could be utilized to gain such rewards! Tara na mag swiping, para more earning! Thanks for reading, PERA PALS! :)

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