Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Meaningful Christmas Shopping with AttiGO x World Vision

Hello po! If given a chance, I think we all have the innate want to do good, to make a positive difference in the world. As materialistic shopping may sound, it actually can give a spark of hope!
AttiGO and World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) has teamed up and here is how they made it so much easier for you to help!

AttiGO x World Vision

Early this year, AttiGO and World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) partnered to create a platform where shopping could also be giving. A weird partnership - for AttiGO is the country's newest online shop, while the latter supports community programs aimed at improving the lives of over 20,000 children and 16 million people in 33 provinces and 44 cities in the Philippines. An unusual pairing yet it turned to be a good one.

The partnership created a voucher, the code "WorldVision60th". This code gives shoppers discounts on AttiGO products and part of the proceeds goes to WVDF. It gives opportunity to AttiGO's customers to help raise funds for a child's schooling and provide sustainable livelihood to sponsored families while shopping on the online platform. Furthermore, customers can donate an additional amount to his or her charity of choice.

So as the saying goes, "It's better to give than to receive." For the holiday season, a part of the proceeds with the voucher code "WorldVision60th" used, will help the WVDF raise funds for them to give Noche Buena packages to their partner communities. As they do their Christmas shopping on AttiGO, they are also helping bring the joy of Christmas to different families. You don't only get discount on your items, a reliable and fast delivery, but you also get to help support the different community programs of the World Vision.

Bring back the real meaning of the season. It is indeed better to give during the holiday season.

Use this code and get Discount on AttiGO Products and support a Noche Buena Pack for families:
"WorldVision60th" at

In this season of joy, love, peace and giving, let's not forget our less fortunate brethren! Thanks for reading the PR for AttiGO x World Vision! Happy Holidays!  :)

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