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Full Review Althea Bare Essentials Set

I believe, true beauty is empowering. It is liberating. Being unafraid to speak your mind, unabashed to face the world sans a ton of makeup, fancy clothes or layers of jewelry. Beauty is YOU. Simply being your unique self is a gift to the world. Fortunately for us, being comfortable in your own skin is easier than ever with Althea Korea's second baby - the Bare Essentials line.

althea bare essentials review

As a beauty guru once said, beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

Skin care is essential. Even if you are wearing makeup, blemishes like bumps or pitted scars are visible especially when light and shadow play. That is why it is important to take care of your canvas.

 I've been using Althea Korea Bare Essentials set for almost 2 months  before finally coming up with this review! Coz if I only use this once and then come up with a review, then it is not very truthful, is it? It's just a first impression!

Althea Bare Essentials set contour cleanser, primer water and fixer cream
Complicated skincare steps make your skin tired. So simplify and give your skin what it really needs. Infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature, Althea Korea's 3-step skincare is all you need to keep your skin at its most optimal and comfortable state. Don't just cover up anymore - complete your skin's makeup with Bare Essentials!

Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser

Minimize and re-energize!
Contains Ice Plant (a native plant of South Africa that helps cool & refresh skin) and Lemon Verbena  (a South American flowering herb with 9 times more fragrance & detox effects than regular lemons), this helps to improve the face's blood circulation with the help of gentle micro capsules, effectively giving you a cleansed, slim face.

Althea Contour Cleanser Price Php 300

Beauty Blogger Review:

  • Very mild scent.
  • Has granules or capsules for mild skin exfoliation.
  • Immediately skin looks refined.
  • With regular use, helped define features like cheekbones, jawline, I think it may also help give a smaller face.

Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser

Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water

Reset, refresh & destress!
Using the synergy of Snow Lotus (one of the rarest herbs in the world) and Althea's Dewdrop Technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion- Althea's patented formulation that helps soften and improve the skin's suppleness), this hydrates and preps the the skin on multiple layers, leaving it with a silky finish and an enhanced natural glow from within.

Althea Primer Water Price Php 550

Beauty Blogger Review:

  • Fragrance free.
  • More like a gel than a liquid (hybrid?)
  • No sting or irritation.
  • You can use it by applying it with your palms but I personally use it with a cotton ball to make sure any cleanser or makeup residue is removed.

 Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water

Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream

Get real life skin filters with that glass skin glow!
With the help of Trehalose (the cactus' resilient water storage secret), Baobab Tree (the highest antioxidant content in any fruit) plus Wild Green Tea and  Lavender (powerful antioxidants), this will leave you feeling plump & moisturized for 24 hours without a hint of stickiness.

Althea Fixer Cream Price Php 640

Beauty Blogger Review:

  • Woodsy/green scent that I LOVE SOOO MUCH!
  • Supple skin!
  • Light and not greasy.
  • No breakouts!

Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream

Althea Fixer Cream

I am especially impressed with Althea's uncomplicated 3 step approach to skin care. Sure, K-beauty is known for the 10 step right? But sometimes we are just too tired and sleepy and who has the time, so the basic 3 step (cleanse, tone, moisturize) is still your best bet!

It has no fussy or frilly decorative packaging but the minimalistic approach speaks volumes- SIMPLE YET FUNCTIONAL AND EFFECTIVE.

These are all made in Korea that's why I believe of their high quality.

What I do love is that it helped clear up the bumps that I had prior to using it and it also made my skin plump, smooth and clear, preventing pimples. This truly delivers.

Althea Bare Essentials contour cleanser, primer water and fixer cream
Did you know, upon its announcement, there was a 10,000 person waitlist? It's highly coveted with lots of people waiting to get their hands on these best products that give glowing flawless crystal skin!

Furthermore, it's very economical. As I've said, I've been using Althea Korea Bare Essentials set for almost 2 months and hey, the contents are barely halfway. (Full disclosure: I use it religiously but not every single day though. Sometimes I cleanse and use makeup removing micellar water, and other times I use masks.) These babies last a looong time!

Swatch or texture/appearance althea bare essentials
Swatch or texture/appearance of the products 

This is such a pleasure to use. Great fragrance, mild, no sting or dryness. Hypoallergenic. Absolute perfection.

althea bare essentials price
"Your skin completes makeup."

TIP: Avail of their promo when you get the complete set- 10% off plus get a FREE mirror for just Php 1,341! This is also free delivery (coz it falls on worth 999+ order)!

Unboxing vid-

Althea Korea's first baby - Petal Velvet Powder.

This is it frens!!! A skin care that made me feel nakaka-ganda siya (like you are improving and becoming more beautiful with every use)!!! Hiyang ang lola mo (skin compatible).

I highly recommend this Althea Bare Essentials line. Use the complete set for it to work synergistically - contour cleanser, primer water and fixer cream. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. sissy, what if umorder ka nung set, tapos inorder kapa na ibang item, okay lang yun dba?

    1. yes sissy okay lang yun! dagdag benta nila haha!! ang alam ko lang if may need o gagamitan ng code, isang code lang ang pwede gamitin so hnd pwede combine ng promo codes.

  2. Great post! Keep up the good work๐Ÿ’–

    x, ๋ฉœ (Mell)๐Ÿ˜˜ from Althea

    1. Hello Mell, thank you! They are great products from Althea :)


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