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The Glutathione Packed with a Powerful 18 Beneficial Ingredients!!!

Hello po! Frens, there are so many gluta brands, well, owing to our obsession for whiter skin, or it may be due to the host of health benefits glutathione gives (which include liver detox)! But there is one that I think pretty much stands out from the rest coz it has a whopping 18 ingredients!!!

novuskin lift review

It's none other that Nutramedica's Novuskin Lift! Yes Nutramedica is also behind Novuhair (Nature's Answer to Hair Loss), and Nutralac Malunggay!

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Beauty blogger perks is we get to try and review gluta! Hooray for that! Otherwise, when I buy before, yeah, they're pretty expensive.

Novuskin Lift is endorsed by ageless beauty Cory Quirino. The price for a box of 30 capsules is more expensive than other brands at Php 2,990 SRP, but I think that this is reasonable enough since it is packed with much more nutrients.

Novuskin Lift Product description:

  • Nature's essentials for the younger-looking you.
  • Unique combination and a complete source of anti-aging benefits derived from nature's finest rejuvenating ingredients  and co-factor nutrients that work synergistically to effectively help slow down aging.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote firm and supple skin and radiate youthful appearance by improving the skin’s elasticity.
  • Helps promote smooth, plump and healthy complexion by keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • Safe to use without any significant side effects.
  • Exclusively produced by Interthai Pharmaceuticals Thailand.
  • Proven efficacy and safety profile supported by a local clinical trial conduted by VMV Skin Research Centre+Clinics (VSRC).

Physical attributes:

It has a plastic shrink wrap outside. When you slide open the shiny gold carton, you will then find another wrapper covering the banig of glutas.

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It comes in pale pink oblong tablets. It is a bit big, owing to the many ingredients, but personally I found it easy to swallow with water.

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Whereas other brands may only contain L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and ALA,
Novuskin Lift ingredients include:

Marine fish collagen 400 mg, Zn gluconate 104.55 mg, soy protein isolate 50 mg, green tea extr 40 mg, yeast extr 40 mg, ascorbic acid (vit C) 30.93 mg, grapeseed extr 30 mg, horsetail extr 30 mg, L-glutathione 30 mg, pine bark extr 30 mg, D-α-tocopherol acetate (Vit E) 21.34 mg, Korean ginseng extr 20 mg, tomato extr 15 mg, copper gluconate (copper) 14.28 mg, manganese sulfate monohydrate (managanese) 10.77 mg, oryza ceramide 10 mg, selenium amino acid chelate (selenium) 7 mg, coenzyme Q10 5 mg.

novuskin lift ingredients
This is the box of 10's. The regular ones you can buy at drugstores or online are 30's. 

I took my 1st box, see the results after 30 days-
Whiter and clearer!

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Then for a while I never took any pills, sort of a rest for my system. But now I am taking my second box of Novuskin Lift.

I enjoyed compliments when I went on a journey to the Visayas for a family reunion. They said I have fair smooth skin, and I do believe that Novuskin is to thank for that. After all, I have been using it during the weeks leading to that trip.

Thanks for reading this review of Novusklin Lift! Aside from whitening, it has anti-aging effects. It's really worth a try! :)


  1. Andaming benefits! 👍 i would try box of 15 muna, ang pricey kc. Btw, is this available in Mercury or watson? Thanks

    1. Hi +Filipinas yeah shookt din ako ang daming benefits! Sabi ng Mktg nila available sa SELECTED mercury and watsons, or online like lazada :)


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