Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pinac- Heirloom Filipino-Capampangan Cuisine

Hello po! When I am out with my partner and he starts to get hungry, he wants to eat "real" food. What I mean is he doesn't want the hamburger or spaghetti in a fastfood, claiming him tummy doesn't get satisfied. He wants rice (a lot, he can down 8 cups when it is offered unli) and flavorful viand.

Pinac, at the 2F Ayala UP Town Center in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, serves real hearty Filipino/Capampangan cuisine. Savor hot, flavorful food that is truly comforting and reminiscent of home!

pinac hearty filipino capampangan cooking

The place is truly elegant with its upholstered furniture, chandelier, and paintings. Even the clean and complete with amenity restroom had paintings. You will be proud to bring special people or VIPs here.

pinac hearty filipino capampangan food

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We got a taste of these fine offering of Pinac. As you will notice, these are the more popular Filipino food!

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These can be ordered individually but is served to us in one plate as sampler.

Crispy hito balls mustasa at buro, calamares, lumpiang ubod taquitos. Must try!!!

pinac food, Crispy hito balls mustasa at buro, calamares, lumpiang ubod taquitos

Steaming bowl of rice

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Sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa miso

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The very sinful Pinac's Crispy Pata

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Beef Kare Kare

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Dessert! My favorite part of the meal!!!

Suman, manga at tsokolate

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Gosh! The food was truly delicious! Some recipes are from the grandmother of the restaurant owner.

Here is Pinac's owner, Mr. Jeffrey Pelayo, explaining that the establishment got its name from a ricefield in Candaba, Pampanga. Mr. Pelayo is also with Supreme Business Solutions.

pinac owner, jeffrey pelayo pinac,

Contact number of Pinac- 775-9450 or 0917-8032150. Check out their Facebook Page here.

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So next time you crave, call 212-1212 to have Pinac Hearty Filipino Capampangan food delivered to your doorstep. Thanks for reading! :)

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