Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dear Santa Althea, My Wish for Christmas

Dear Santa Althea,

All I want for Christmas is:

althea korea, COC Lovely Pink Heart Multi Volume Brush  COC Pro Skin Adhering Foundation Brush  Pony Effect Highlighter in Lucid Dream  Apieu Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion in BR 01  Calmia Cleansing Tissue

  • COC Lovely Pink Heart Multi Volume Brush 
  • COC Pro Skin Adhering Foundation Brush 
  • Pony Effect Highlighter in Lucid Dream 
  • Apieu Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion in BR 01 
  • Calmia Cleansing Tissue 
 inside the cute Althea Korea Christmas box!

I deserve this because I am a HUGE fan of K-beauty and Althea! I tirelessly share the magic and awesome deals of to friends, family, colleagues and SNS followers!

And if I get chosen, then I will know this is the Universe's way of telling me my advocacy and labor of love this 2016 is appreciated!

Since childhood, I always have a soft spot for the less fortunate, but more so this year! I have been very involved in propagating compassionate choices in my social media. Likewise, in real life, I am also active in animal rights and welfare movement.

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Helping less fortunate people

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Rescuing distressed animals

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Adopting homeless animals

Our fellow earthlings are voiceless, but I believe we humans can lend our voices. That is why I participate in activities like feeding stray cats and dogs, educating about the law, reporting cases, sharing posts, volunteering in shelters, rescuing, fostering, adopting, donating, etc. For starters, any way of contribution that we could afford to do, it will already make a difference!

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Respect for life and friendship for companion animals

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Reporting abandoned/ sick animals

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Feeding the strays

More than the outward aesthetics, I believe that men should cultivate what is eternal - beauty of heart! Thank you for the chance of having my wish and my happiness granted, Althea Korea!

Kamsahamnida and Happy Holidays!!!

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