Friday, March 3, 2017

The Best Contact Lens Solution

Before, I thought that all contact lens solutions were created equal, and that the pricing is based on what is the "popular" name, like branded vs generic medicine. And so I would only ask for the cheapest one. But this all changed when I tried and felt the difference with these very effective brands.

best contact lens solution,

This transition to the better started when I saw a contact lens solution (Bio true) with a FREE pouch in a drugstore. Being a sucker for freebies, I decided to purchase it even though I wasn't too happy that it cost twice as much as my old brand (Flex Wear and other really cheap priced solutions).

I have been buying my old brand for years now, and back then, I would suffer some eye redness, dryness and discomfort. Good thing it was lessened,  if not diminished, when I switched to pricier contact lens solutions.

So my advice for you, dear contact lens wearers, is do not sacrifice your eye health for just a little money saved! It is much better to spend or invest in good quality contact lens solutions!

These are the ones I have found to be really good- Bausch + Lomb Bio true and Alcon opti-free pure moist! Not only do they cleanse, rinse, recondition, remove protein, disinfect, store, but they provide moisture for hours!


Bausch + Lomb Bio true review,  Alcon opti-free pure moist review,

Bausch + Lomb Bio true
Priced at Php 330 per 300 ml at a drugstore.
Made in USA.

Alcon opti-free pure moist
Priced at Php 314 per 300 ml at an optical shop.
Made in USA.

Tip: Do not put it directly into the eye! Use a lubricant or comfort drops (usually comes in tiny bottles, around Php 70) for that! Contact lens multi-purpose solutions are designed as cleansers, NOT as eye drops!

Another tip: To be on the safe side, I usually toss my soft contact lens after 3 months, max 6 months, or right away if I feel irritation!  There's protein accumulation and little scratches/ tears already. Fresh is best!

More tips HERE  especially for first time contact lens wearers!

Hey, I am not paid nor given any sample to say all this, but I only wish of course for what is good for my fellowmen - that is why I make honest reviews. And don't take my word for it. See for yourself! :)

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