Sunday, March 12, 2017

Why Do I Blog?

When i blog, I pour my heart and soul into it #char De nga, for me, blogging is a form of self-expression, a mental exercise, sort of like answering a crossword puzzle. It's not something that I do for the love of money. (Some people might blog to earn money and that is perfectly legal, nothing wrong with that.) As for me, never was money a primary motivation. I remember when I started almost 4 years ago, I liked to rant, especially about waste of money products or events that got me pissed off. That is why I prefer really to write- rather than to copy paste (yep, I really didn't like to copy paste press releases, but I can like them, only if they were duly compensated! Because hey it is WORK, and do you think PR or marketing people will toil for their employer if they were not paid?)- in an effort to be authentic; to lend my personal voice. After all blog (from weblog) started as an online diary. Then it became a marketing tool for businesses... You wouldn't fool yourself in your journal and say wow "x" is amazing when in reality it's a piece of sh*t, would you? Now, in addition to reviews and musings, tips and advices, I also blog about features, promotions, events I was invited to. So much fun really! But it can be pressure when you (or other people) compare yourself with other bloggers. Especially in terms of followers and fame. But I think, just continue blogging... Just be yourself. The blogosphere may be saturated but there are still many opportunities. And I am thankful for the perks, like being invited to fab events, meeting new friends, freebies (products or services), GCs, and very rarely (well at least for me), monetary compensation- which only acts to encourage or fuel the passion that is already there. Now I only wish I have more time for blogging, so maybe super short entries will do, instead of the kilometric proses I like to compose, haha! Life (or rather household chores, especially laundry, and distractions like movie marathons), gets in the way kasi and eats up the time I should be spending on blogging, but yeah micro-blogs (like Twitter, IG, FB, etc.) rule too! :)

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