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Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening Soap Review

Hello po! I know many of you frens are fanatics of kojic soap! People the world over would tout it as being no less than a miracle, the soap having been able to improve their acne, scars and lighten dark skin. Well, here is a review of Bali Bliss Kojic Soap!

Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening Soap Review

A bit of background on kojic...

Kojic acid is popular for whitening. It's a chelation agent produced by several species of fungi, especially Aspergillus oryzae (koji). It's a chemical derived from mushrooms, and can also be created by the sake brewing process from fermented rice. It's known to limit melanin production.

Bali Bliss soap is made in the Philippines

Price- Php 100 for 150g

Availability- in Bali Bliss Day and Nail Spa branches or contact them at Do check 'em out, they are a spa (love their massage and footspa, mani-pedi!) but have products like body scrub, lotion, fragrances, etc.

Ingredients: contains salicylic acid, glutathione, etc.

Bali Bliss Kojic soap, price, ingredients,
FDA registration as indicated

The carton is glued shut, and there is a plastic wrapping the soap. There is no engraved brand name. The bar is rectangular with rounded edges.

My experience:

I used Bali Bliss Kojic Soap when I bath- face and body. It has a lightly orange scent. It is a smooth soap, as there are other kojic soaps that feel gritty /  powdery.

On my first wash with this, it did not sting, unlike some harsh kojic soaps from other brands. It gave me an impression it is gentle for a kojic soap. Even the owner admits that she has been using this for years!

My skin felt madulas (slippery) after. I guess it really must have sloughed off the dead skin and libag, hahaha!

I did not experience obvious peeling with this, maybe micro, but it was not noticeable. I felt it helps keep my skin light and prevent blemishes. No allergic reactions, too.

It is very bubbly and it's easy to rinse off. But it melts quickly so be careful in keeping, perhaps use those soap dish with a tray underneath to catch the drippings.

I used it from opening 'til I finished the bar, so you know I always give a REAL, honest review. The bar lasted me for almost 2 weeks.

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Beauty blogger reviews kojic soap <3

For improvement:
I hope that the particulars like manufacturing date and expiration date is indicated.

Overall, I find Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening soap quite good! I would like to alternate this between my other soaps (coz I have so many other soaps on stock in my cabinet), and use kojic when I need extra whitening and smoothing. I would recommend this- it's a must try! :)

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