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Watch Make It Mutual Vlogs with Matteo and Learn How to Make Your #LifeGoals Come True!

Mutual. What comes to mind when I hear or read this word is usually of romantic nature. Mutual understanding (M.U.), mutual trust, mutual respect, hihihi! But I found out the more beneficial kind of mutual, which is mutual fund investment.

March 17, 2017 at B Hotel in Quezon City, Sun Life Asst Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI)

Last March 17, 2017 at B Hotel in Quezon City, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) announced that they will be launching a series of financial literacy vlogs starring Matteo Guidicelli called Make It Mutual, to encourage Pinoys, especially Millennials, to invest in mutual funds so they can achieve their life goals.

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It tackles relevant topics to personal finance such as growing one's money, beating inflation and investing regularly. The modules shall be demonstrated in familiar themes like fashion, travel, fitness, etc. so it can be easy to understand. These vlogs are  readily accessible thru Sun Life social media.

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Likewise, they held an enlightening talk all about mutual  funds and Q&A portion with Matteo.

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According to SLAMCI President Valerie Pama, Sun Life is committed to helping more Pinoys discover the benefits of investing so that they may reap its rewards.

"We all have goals that we'd like to accomplish, such as buying a house or a car, traveling to a dream destination, or planning a wedding. These are goals that require a significant amount of money, and sometimes, Filipinos become discouraged knowing how much they need to raise to be able to fund their dreams." She adds, " We'd like to show them that by saving and investing in mutual funds, all their dreams can become a reality. They simply have to 'Make It Mutual!'"

Sun Life addresses those of our age group, the millennials (those born between 1982 and 2004) that's why the vlogs are made fun but educational that way. Months earlier, Sun Life rallied the campaign "Slam The Scam", which also starred Matteo, and they shared tips on what to consider when choosing an investment company so as to avoid being victimized by dubious organizations.

"Make It Mutual" is just the first this year, there will be more to come, as Sun Life gears for
its Financial Independence Month this June. Of this initiative, Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Life Financial Philippines, states, "We remain committed to this cause. Sun Life is always eager to promote it in ways that are creative, relatable, easily understandable. We will never tire of advocating financial literacy to Filipinos."

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"I'm thankful for the opportunity to lead another financial literacy campaign for SLAMCI. It's definitely relevant and timely. I myself have life goals I'd like to pursue, and I'm happy to share that ever since I 'made it mutual' with SLAMCI, I've been well on my way to achieving all those goals. It would be great if more Filipinos can experience the same," Matteo says. He has been with Sun Life for 3 years and he greatly believes the brand.

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L-R: Gerald Bautista, Head of Banks and Alternative Channels, Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc., Matteo, and Ms. Lopa.

I am a homebody who loves watching movies at home, but me and the hubby also really love to travel. We have been successful in going to out of town trips at least twice a year. And I was also able to enjoy a delightful vacation abroad.

Traveling is nice for relaxing and unwinding, learning about different cultures, and creating a lot of priceless memories. But our travels usually entail a lot of expense- from the transpo, hotel accommodation, food and drinks (yes, ultimo mineral water you need to always buy), souvenirs, to special activities, etc.

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I am not a tipid or kuripot traveler. We like to try different food and experiences. Now to be able to sustain this kind of lifestyle, or goal in life, I learned that having a savings account in a bank simply isn't enough. Money grows bigger when put in an investment like a mutual fund with Sun Life!

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Picture picture! This blogger with Matteo.

SLAMCI is the mutual fund arm of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. It gives a great sense of trustworthiness and peace of mind to know that SLAMCI is a leading asset management company in the country with PhP 57.8 B in Assets Under Management (AUM) as of April this year, and currently manages 11 mutual funds collectively called "Sun Life Prosperity Funds". Thanks for reading! :)

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