Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ThaiWhite Skincare Organics Real Plus and Castorseed Oil Review!

Hello po! Those in the quest for lusher eyebrows and eyelashes surely have come to discover that castor oil is the best. It's pretty cheap and it works. But not just any castor oil that we can easily buy from the drugstore - it's wise to choose ORGANIC! And it's so perfect that I was sent Real Plus Eyelash Enhancer and 100% Pure Organic Castorseed Oil from ThaiWhite Skincare Organics.

Real Plus eyelash enhancer and 100% Real Organic  Castorseed Oil from Thai White Skin Care Organics.

The past 3 months or so, I had eyelash extensions. A few of my real lashes had fallen off and the ones that remained pretty much looked withered or brittle. So I really need castor oil to regain my lash health.

where to buy organic castor oil philippines
100% Pure Organic Castorseed Oil 

eyelash enhancer philippines
Real Plus Eyelash Enhancer

Why choose ThaiWhite Skincare Organics:
-Certified Organic by EcoCert
-Proudly Philippine made
-No harmful chemicals

Not only does it boost lash and brow growth, castor oil has these other benefits:
Thickens and conditions hair, eliminates split ends, cures warts and moles, moisturizes, dry skin and sunburn remedy, reduces appearance of scars, softens nails and cuticles, heals cracked heels, etc.

Real Plus Eyelash Enhancer- Php 150 (this is also castor oil in a convenient mascara applicator).
100% Real Organic Castorseed oil- Php 220/30 ml bottle with pump.


I use it every night before going to bed. It does not go inside my eyes nor blur my vision. I do not notice any peculiar scent.

Thai White Skin Care Organics 100% Real Organic  Castorseed Oil review
Day 1- Top: Without Real Plus; Bottom: With Real Plus. Instant effect!

Thai White Skin Care Organics Real Plus eyelash enhancer review
Top: Day 1; Mid and Bottom: Day 7.

In just 7 days, my lashes and brows have gone darker, thicker, shinier and longer with Real Plus Eyelash Enhancer castor oil! Definitely a must try if you wanna have healthier lashes and brows!

How to order:
Please get in touch with Ms. Genell Yamat thru:

beauty reviews philippines
If you use mascara in the morning, take care of your lashes with castor oil at night! It can also be used to remove stubborn lip and eye makeup! 

For business minded frens, ThaiWhite Skincare Organics is also open for franchisee / distributors! Apart from castor oil, they also offer lip and cheek blush, capsules, skin care-  soaps, creams, lotions, oils, serums, and more!

You may check out my review of ThaiWhite Kiss & Blushes here. I am using the Princess shade in the pic above. I just applied gradient style, put on center then just dab outwards. Thanks for reading! :)

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