Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Natural Treatments Using Apple Cider Vinegar

I remember when I was in my teenage years, suffering from severe acne. A family member (couldn't remember who exactly) advised me to take Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in the morning to cure those zits, saying that it was highly effective as said by his/her peers.

heinz apple cider vinegar

Now the Internet is abuzz with numerous testimonies regarding ACV as a miracle cure-it-all.

Through word of mouth, many people have tried and had been converted into a firm believer in nature's healing power through  ACV.

After all, aren't home remedies or natural treatments much better than synthetic, processed, chemical-laden stuff with adverse effects?

Here are some of the uses for Apple Cider Vinegar:
  1. Balances the body's pH 
  2. Detoxification
  3. Energy boost
  4. Disinfectant/non-toxic cleanser and as wash for produce
  5. Prevention of flu and stomach illness
  6. Relieves sinus pressure and infection
  7. Relieves heartburn, nausea, stomach influx
  8. Reduces inflammation, relieves arthritis
  9. Relieves gout
  10. Relieves migraine
  11. Dissolves kidney stone and fights UTI
  12. Relieves asthma and allergies
  13. Lowers glucose level in diabetes
  14. Lose weight by suppressing appetite and breaking down fat
  15. Lowers blood pressure
  16. Reduces cholesterol
  17. Clears up fungus, bacterial rash
  18. Soothes bug bites and jellyfish stings
  19. Conditions and strengthens hair, makes it shiny
  20. Prevents and reduces acne
  21. Gets rid of warts
  22. Treats ear mites
  23. Deters ticks and fleas
  24. Heals Mange
  25. Cat and dog repellant (add pepper)
Personal Testimony, my experience with ACV and animals:

Since I was then too impatient (being a conscious teener and all) and could not drink it for a reasonable amount of time, I can't say that drinking ACV healed my acne. I also tried to wipe it on my problematic face before, but I only did so maybe twice. The smell and the sting was too much for me!

This is, however, my success cases with ACV...

apple cider vinegar for animals

I was able to stumble upon Heinz ACV at Landmark Supermarket and it was at Buy 1 Take 1 so I immediately grabbed a pair! My cat had lost his appetite and had been treated by the vet, but he was still lethargic. I  force fed him a little ACV, and also used it to clean inside his ears and even massage some in his body (the exposed skin on his fur). Believe it or not, it made him feel better! After that, he became more active.

Then there was this bald puppy with terrible mange that I had rescued, and I would drop a little ACV on his food then massage VCO on his skin. By the time the vet saw him and did some skin scrape test- Voila!- the doctor said the mites were not moving! It was either dead or suspended! Now she is with her new loving parents and she was able to grow her fur back fully.

acv uses

Presently, I have a new rescued mange-y puppy and I am seeing faster improvements on her spots with my new technique- ACV and VCO combo! I use cotton balls to apply ACV on her skin and follow it with VCO. Her progress can be seen thru her pictures in my FB!

Thank you Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, The All Natural Choice for Food! It's cool you guys have this new promo of FREE shot glass!

Now go get your Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. It's a must-have kitchen staple! Not only to aid in cooking and for flavorful dishes, it has a lot of benefits for such an affordable price. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Really? Tamang tama may ACV kami dito. Dati sinubukan ko inumin kaso hindi ko talaga matiis yun amoy.
    Yun dog ko nun humaba yun fur nagkaron ng tick.Maiksi na buhok nya ngayon. Kahit wala na yun mga peste, yun balat nya may mga pinagkagatan, malilit na sugat. Nilalagyan namin ng Malunggay oil pero plano ko bumili ng VCO pagkaubos nun malunggay oil. Masubukan nga yun combo ng ACV at VCO. Thanks for this!

    1. Hi +Jhake O. Ako rin, grabe yung amoy at lasa kaya if iinom man ako sobrang diluted sa tubig at honey! Hiyangan lang yan sis, aside from ACV and VCO, okay din daw yung madre de cacao! You're welcome!


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