Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Discover The Raved About Leiania Organic Fresh Lady Anion!

Hello po! There are so many female diseases these days - PCOS, myoma, UTI, irregular period, endometriosis, cervical cancer, etc. It has become rampant that it may affect someone you personally know! It actually came to my attention as I was browsing facebook. And I thought that a way to prevent this is thru clean living, healthy lifestyle, nutritious whole foods, and the right sanitary products like reusable cloth pads and negative ion napkins! One of the brands is LHOB Organic Fresh Lady!

leiania organic fresh lady anion pad review
The box has sticker seal, plus each pad is individually wrapped- good for travelling.

Well I first came to know Leiania House of Beauty a couple of years ago. They have many products then. Now they have expanded with improved packaging and more new products!

leiania house of beauty
2016 Leiania goods. They have ORGANIC facial skin care, cosmetics, soaps, body scrubs, lotions, deodorants, castor oil, peeling and whitening products and more.

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Now, there are already quite a number of brands with negative ion or anion pads. Some you can buy at groceries / drugstores while others are from "networking" dealers. But it was my first time to encounter one with  Far-Infrared Bamboo Charcoal chip, and contains herbs such as dong quai, motherwort, wormwood and aloe vera.

lhob anion pad price
Leiania Anion Pads with herbals are unique- the first and only one of its kind in the Philippines!

Some articles quote that ordinary pads are made up of bleached recycled paper and it is said to be the cause of reproductive issues. Well Leiania sanitary pads are of high quality and delivers healing attributes.

So here is how Leiania feminine napkin looks like. It has a - not green- but black strip inside! It's made up of 7 layers. Before tossing a used one in the bin, I decided to tear it apart and saw that it turned liquid into gel beads.

 Leiania Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pad
It's with wings to keep it in place!

Yup it was pretty expensive. Before, I buy from the supermarket a local pad for just Php 1.50 each. But I decided to try LHOB pads and purchased a box of 10's at their stall in SM City Fairview for Php 180. I sure feel that it is worth it for its health benefits, not to mention it is:
  • Super absorbent
  • Minimizes odor
  • Ultra thin and comfy
  • Breathable
So if you have been bothered with some feminine issues, might as well give Leiania Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pad a try! Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Buti nalang may nauuso na mga pads na ganito para magkaron ng protection ang mga babae. Naoperahan ako dahil sa myoma kaya alam ko ang hirap. I just wish mas maging affordable.

    1. true ka jan, sana maging mas budget friendly like 5 pesos ganern... aww kahit bata pa pala pwede mgka myoma, yung isang lola ko na matandang dalaga alam ko me ganyan noon...


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