Friday, June 29, 2018

TSB Fleek Bar Instawhite Review

Hello po! Besh, today, I am gonna be reviewing Fleek Bar Instawhite by The Skin Bureau. First off, lemme just say that I am a sucker for pretty, vintage design much like its packaging! I think the color and pin-up girls are gorgeous!

The Skin Bureau  Fleek Bar Instawhite Review

  • Fleek Bar is a white square soap with FLEEKBAR embossed. It's packed in a carton and a sealed inner plastic wrap. 
  • Priced at  Php 160 for 135 g.
  • It is made in the Philippines, developed by first-rate Japan technology.
  • It has a powdery scent.
  • It produces sufficient bubbles.
  • It doesn't have that deep down within layers very soft hydrating feel like other body wash that have a leave on/in-shower lotion feeling! However, I do feel that Fleek Bar really does moisturize my skin because it does not feel dry after use and feels comfortable. Plus it rinses easily!
  • Instawhite's power house ingredients include Morus Alba (mulberry), Pyrus Malus (apple), Camellia Japonica (tsubaki), Glutathione, Arbutin and others...

The Skin Bureau  Fleek Bar Instawhite ingredients

So I got these during Bloggers Philippines Christmas get-together. I had used 2 bars already.

I tried it on my sensitive face a few times and there was no allergic reaction whatsoever. But I am still finishing up another facial cleanser so I regularly use this just on my whole body. I feel that it can keep bacne at bay.

So far I do notice that it gives a significant effect- my skin is getting lighter! And it's not due to any whitening lotion coz I am a bit lazy in applying lotions, haha!

It is recommended to let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes befire rinsing!

Fleek Bar price, where to buy

Interested? Get your Fleek Bar Instawhite from and you'll surely like it! Be fairer and always Insta-ready for selfies and groupfies! Thanks for reading! :)

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