Friday, August 3, 2018

Find the Skin Correct Line for your Skin Type!

Hello po! Frens, I wanna introduce you to a new force to reckon with in the skin care industry, and it is none other than Skin Correct! Read on to find out more info about their products and I will also give away some bottles!

Skin Correct offers 4 products, which are:

  • Derma formulated and developed, tested through the skin clinic.
  • Cosmetics with clinical ingredients for high quality and top performance.
  • FDA approved.
  • Philippine made.
  • No color, parabens, fragrance, phtalates, irritants, dye, talc, nor soap based surfactants (sulfates). 
  • Comes in white pump bottles, which are simple and no-frills, with the expiration date labeled at the bottom.
  • Each bundle, (the 2 piece set) is reasonably priced at Php 500.

There are 2 sets variants:

A. For Oily and Acne Prone Skin: Clarifying Set

Combo of mandelic acid and azelaic glycine to clear pores and lessen oiliness.

Acne Clarifying facial wash - Ingredients include azelaoyl glycine, salicylic acid, chamomile. Anti bacterial and creates skin barrier to prevents breakouts.

Acne Clarifying facial wash

My review:
It has a mild refreshing scent. It produces rich bubbles and cleans well. Gentle and no sting. Yes I appear less oily with this.

Acne Clarifying solution- Ingredients include azelaoyl glycine, mandelic acid, chamomile. Lessens oiliness and breakouts, while hydrating the skin. Alcohol free.

Acne Clarifying solution

My review:
Feels really mild, almost like water. For me, it dried out the pimple in my nose within 2 days. While for my husband he had a purge effect and a pimple appeared on his cheek. (It was due to the acids clearing out the skin initially then afterwards it makes way for clearer complexion).

B. For Dry and Sensitive Skin: M-Line

With ceramides, natural oils, allantoin for superb hydration and skin barrier repair.
These can even be used for babies.

M Gentle cleanser- Ingredients include ceramides (fat molecules that hold skin layer together and constitutes the skin's top layer. Function is to retain skin moisture and fortify skin barrier), sunflower oil, allantoin (soothes irritation, stimulate growth of healthy tissue, for the management of eczema, dry/scaly/irritable skin, hot spots/patches).

Super mild cleanser for retaining moisture.

M Gentle cleanser

My review:
It is very mild though not a no tears formula. It has a subtle cream scent. Skin feels comfy after rinsing. Yes you can compare it with the popular brand!

Now I do facial shaving sometimes. And I find this works as a good lubricant. I slather this on my face and then shave off! No nicks - just soft, exfoliated skin!

M Emollient cream- Ingredients include ceramides, sweet almond oil, allantoin. Soothing and moisturizing.

 M Emollient cream

My review:
1 pump is enough  for my entire face. This white cream  is non sticky, light and left my skin supple. Perfect for ber months when my skin becomes really dry and suffer from patches.

Overall, these are good and effective products and I recommend Skin Correct for people with these skin types.

For orders, go to BeautyMNL or
Follow them on @skincorrectph for giveaways.

I will host the giveaway soon, which is also my blogoversary giveaway,  please watch out for the post.
Update here is the giveaway:
I would love to read your thoughts, comment down below. Thanks for reading this review of Skin Correct! :)


  1. Wow i like it esp sunflower. The name itself palang­čśů

  2. " love to win this for my mom she need fish oil for heart and all over health more good feedback to your blogs we here to support you thanks for this opportunity to win and this healthy prize


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