Monday, February 13, 2017

Where to Buy Cheap Animal Carriers and Cages in the Philippines!

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As fur-rents or pet parents, we want the best for our furbabies, right? We treat them as family members, allot a budget to care for their health, and some of us pamper and spoil them, even dress them up!

At times I even wonder, why pets' stuff are more expensive than humans', haha! Like their soap, shampoo,  nail polish, cologne, clothes, etc.

Our family has numerous cats and dogs (well over a dozen), almost all of them rescues, but we try to give them as much as we can afford given their sheer number, which is costly. Like always have drinking water, exercise, food, vitamins, lots of love...

Where to Buy Cheap Animal Carriers and Cages in the Philippines!

Among the basic necessities are pet carriers (when you want to bring them traveling) and cages (for times when you cannot allow them to roam).

We can buy these in grooming centers, vet clinics, pet supply shops in the mall. But usually (well, based on my experience anyway), poultry supply stores and Arranque market sell these cheaper. Just make sure to canvass and check which can offer the lowest price, plus it pays to haggle!

pet crate
Medium sized, bought for Php 500!

pet cage
XL sized, purchased for Php 1,050! The tray is sandy because it got exposed to rain, but so far (it has been more a month since we got it), the metal is not rusting yet.

It is just sheer torture going to Arranque- harrowing to see poor animals maltreated, crying, suffering, begging, makes me wonder what the government agencies (BIR hello they do not issue receipts, or veterinary or agriculture, whichever board handles these) do to make sure these animals are treated humanely. Best is adopt, don't shop, rescue strays, and open your homes to pound/ shelter animals!

Mom would have cages custom made by a neighborhood welder. It would cost thousands, but it is according to specification plus it is more durable. I also sometimes use a plain carton and punch holes onto it when carrying tiny kittens.

Here's to wishful thinking that soon we will have a more progressive animal welfare law and responsible pet owners in the Philippines. Thanks for reading! :)

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