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Guide to Philippines' Most Comprehensive Home & Property Insurance

Hello po! At a young age of 24 years old, I was able to buy my own house and lot in a nearby province! Well, technically, the title is still not officially mine, since it is through installment, but I already "own" and cherish it as MY property- acquired through courage, hard work and sacrifice!

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Admittedly, that abode was not my first choice- I was looking for a really low-cost one, but those were sold out, she said, so the agent showed this to me, and I instantly  fell in love with this 80 sqm single attached unit; what with its pink color, cute theme, garage at the side and spacious front yard- looking much like a doll house!

As my first real investment in my 'adult' life, that property is very important and is a source of pride. When we first moved in,  I took care if there are some things that need to be repaired. I checked about the safety and security- new door locks, grills in the windows. We ensure to unplug appliances, close the gas whenever we go out, etc. But that is not all!

You see, the BEST protection is still to get a home insurance and property insurance! It is what gives you the ultimate peace of mind. And when we speak home protection insurance, the coverage of Malayan Insurance is unbeatable.

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Malayan is a  Filipino company with a traditional culture! In 1930, equipped with a vision and determination to serve the nation and render insurance protection to the people, Don Enrique T. Yuchengco founded China Insurance and Surety Company, Inc.

Little did he know that the company he established in Binondo, Manila, would evolve to be the country’s premiere non-life insurance organization in the years to come! Now Malayan stands as the Philippines' Number 1 Non-Life Insurance Company!

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  • PROPERTY INSURANCE- Provides property coverage for potential losses to both the structure of the house and its contents. Included are damages resulting from: Fire and Lightning, Earthquake Fire & Earthquake Shock, Typhoon & Flood (subject to underwriting evaluation and approval), Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Pipes & Fittings (BOWTAP), Sprinkler Leakage,Volcanic Eruption, Extended Coverage (Smoke Damage, Explosion, Vehicular Impact & Falling Aircraft).

  • EXTENSION OF COVERS- Burglary & Housebreaking, Personal Liability, Accidental Breakage of Fixed Glass, Alterations & Repairs, Alternative Accommodation, Architect & Surveyor's Fees, Automatic Increase Clause (For Contents Only), Debris Removal, Expediting Expense, Fire Fighting Expense, Professional Fees, Replacement & Lock Keys, Temporary Removal Clause, Outbuilding Clause, Special Assessment Clause (For Condominium Only).

  • PERSONAL ACCIDENT*- Covers the insured, the spouse and children in the event of accidental death or dismemberment arising within the period of coverage.

  • FAMILY HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE*- Provides financial assistance to the insured and/or any member of his family for hospital confinement or surgical expenses incurred due to accident.

  • HOUSEHOLD EMPLOYEE INSURANCE*- Provides hospitalization, personal accident and personal belongings protection to the insured’s household employees.

  • VALUABLE ITEMS PROTECTION*- Provides protection for your personal possessions or declared valuable items such as works of art and antiques whilst contained within the insured premises only and solely against the named perils.

* Subject to additional premium

Malayan Insurance Contact Details

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you can also have insurance transactions done online via

E-commerce inquiries: ecommerce[at] Call 242-8888 or get in touch with a Malayan Insurance agent or broker.

To get your free quotation on Home Protect Plus, please click HERE. No Minimum Sum insured!
(Fill-out property information online for quotation, or pay online once quotation is approved.)

For your precious investments, be worry free and trust Malayan! Insure your property and home today! #insuretobesure Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Good to know.a little too late though sunog na kasi property ko last october pati panty at bra na abo na goodbye philippines lahat hahaha. Anyways will take this in to consideration kpag nkapag ipon ulit for new property:)

    1. Si +Arianne ba to? OMG I am so sorry to know that! nakakalungkot naman! Pero as they say makakaipon at mapapalitan naman yan, kapit lang,, oo sometimes kasi nega agad tayo pagdating sa insurance di ba, andyan yung takot etc. pero ayun malaking tulong din sana!


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