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Never Say Die - The Top Grosser Movie in China!

Hello po! Whenever I have a chance to watch cable TV, you can find me engrossed in Asian channels. Sometimes, even past midnight, I am tuned in to Chinese movies.  Aside from the old kung fu flicks, I really like the newer humorous films!

Before KPOP domination here in the Philippines, Chinese movies were considered crowd favorites in the foreign film entertainment scene especially with themes leaning toward romcom, action and supernatural.  Another instance was during the height of the Mexican telenovela in the country in the early 2000's, Chinese series Meteor Garden starring F4 was such a big hit on television.

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Chinese movie followers or even those who crave for fresh films are in for a hilarious treat as the recent blockbuster top grosser in China and Hong Kong over the recent months will now be shown in the country.

Never Say Die will leave you excited all throughout the film and will have you laughing your heart out as Ai Lun (Edison) and Ma Li (Xiao Xiao) bring you a mixture of all the elements you love in a Chinese film- Action, RomCom and Supernatural all in one movie. The film is the highest-grossing in China in 2017 with a whopping US$ 334 million recorded in the box office.

Never Say Die surpassed the US$ 250 million earned by Jackie Chan’s film Kung Fu Yoga last year, to become the biggest single-territory grosser among all live-action comedies ever released.

Never Say Die is a movie about a has-been Ultimate Fighting King (UFK) boxer who can’t seem to get a good fight and a celebrity journalist who is caught in a bad romance and how destiny allowed them to straighten their acts as they switch bodies and embark in a series of misadventures to fix their intertwined predicament.

Directed by Yang Song and Chiyu Zhang, the film is an adaptation from a stage play produced by Happy Mahua Pictures, a popular comedy troupe following the success of Goodbye Mr. Loser which incidentally also starred the two.

This feel-good film will definitely awaken the Chinese movie aficionado in you. Distributed in the country by Creative Products Corporation and released by Star Cinema.

Never Say Die trailer here:

Let's catch Never Say Die, showing in cinemas nationwide starting February 28, 2018, and discover why this motion picture is a huge hit. Thanks for reading! :)

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#NeversayDieMovieph Critique:
I have been fortunate to join the Red Carpet Premiere at the Gateway Mall last February 21, 2018. At first, I thought that the premise of the boy and girl switching bodies is quite too common already. Plus, the poster with the two leads in a blue tiled background makes the movie seem boring, but expect to find out it could not be farther from the truth! It's a fast-paced, action packed, no dull moments flick. The comedy is effective! The lines and actions are humorous! It was well-acted and the characters are likeable. It left the movie house audience roaring in laughter! It's truly a feel-good, laugh out loud movie for everyone to see!

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