Thursday, July 13, 2017

Browhaus Eyelash Extension Review

Hello po! Frens, some time ago, I tried the free lash extensions in Xtensions salon in Makati. I remembered that despite the lash tech warning me that it might sting, I did not feel hurt one bit. The downside, however, was that the express lashes seem to be their thinnest ones and there was only a few pieces so it was hardly noticeable!

Recently, I had Lash in Bloom 2.0 in Browhaus Trinoma. Regular Price is Php 3,800 but I had bought a GC so it's like a got it at a fraction of the cost.

From the reception to the lash attendant, the staff was really nice and polite. It's a swanky salon- I like the interiors.

The LA (lash attendant) was very knowledgeable because, as she related, she's a pioneer, 9 years in service. She actually complemented that my lashes are pretty long, and that I should just get eyelash perm next time.

She recommended a mix of 10 and 11 but I wanted the fullest effect so I said put all number 11 lashes. It's made of fiber. Before undergoing, the eye area should be clean, no eye makeup. She put tape on the area and proceeded to glue the lashes.

It stung a bit while she was putting them on - maybe because of the glue, and I got teary eyed afterwards. She said the extensions could last from 1 to 2 months and there is a free retouch within 7 days. She also advised me against applying mascara, and using shower head (due to strong jet of water) while I have this. She also said having this often is not recommended (I presume that of course this uses some chemicals).

The result  was almost perfect except that 1 lash near my nose (left eye) didn't curve out making it look like I have a mole inside my eye (see middle pic).

eyelash extension salon philippines
Top: before; middle and bottom: after. I just had it done but you can already see that a lash on my left is drooping, making me look like a have a mole on my eye!

After 3rd day, right eye is very much okay, but lashes in my left eye are bunching up and about 5 pieces have fallen off. Hmmm... maybe that is why LA kept on saying their new glue isn't as strong... Oh well... 

Browhaus lash in bloom Review
Lashes on the THIRD day: right is very satisfactory, but left is crisscrossing, you can see gaps.

Here is my experience with eyelash extensions-

No need to buy mascara
No undereye dark smudges
Looks more natural than false eyelashes (those that have black bands)
Thick and long yet not heavy
Dolly look
Convenient and saves time-one can do away with eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara with this on

Can be mahapdi (stings) during application procedure
Allergic reaction episodes (days when eyes felt very itchy)
Waking up, can't clean or rub eyes (daba pagkagising magtanggal ka ng morning glory hehe)
Feels slightly heavy when wet
Makes washing face and removing makeup on face harder (because you have to be very careful around them)
Not 100% comfortable, you have to be conscious not to scratch eyes
One by one, fiber lashes fall off almost every day
Unnatural looking lash direction- gaps, overlapping or crisscross, instead of straight
Pretty expensive
You can't have it regularly because it affects your natural lashes' quality or health

Browhaus Eyelash Extension Review

When drying face, gently dab tissue instead of wiping with towel. Some of the lashes tend to get stuck in the cotton of the towel.
When you want to remove them, don't pull them off forcibly because your real lashes will get removed too.

Til when did my eyelash extensions last?
I had it done May 15, then I removed the last 3 strands middle of July because my eyes look weird. The right eye looks lush with some 3 lash extensions still on with one of them is pointing down, while my left eye looks naked with no lash extension left.

In conclusion:
I loved the doll eyes effect. My right eye's lashes were fine but I was really NOT satisfied that the lashes on my left eye were bunching and crossing together.  I don't know maybe it was the glue, or some other reason during application or what...

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