Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Shocking Effect of Dermax Glow Glutathione

Hello po! I know there are tons of glutathione supplements out there in the market today, and this is my review of GLOW Glutathione by Dermax Professional and the effect that absolutely surprised me!

The Shocking Effect of Dermax Glow Glutathione

GLOW is made in the Philippines. The price for a bottle of 30 capsules is Php 1, 400. I take it with breakfast. Details and ingredients:

skinstation glow glutathione capsule, ingredients, price,
500 mg Glutathione, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Vitamin C. 

Now GLOW capsules provide remarkable benefits:

1. Prevents hangover

2. Cure for fatty liver

3. Immune system booster - I hardly got sick while taking it, prevented me from catching colds.

4. Anti-oxidant

5. Detoxifier

6. Anti-aging

7. Lightening and glow of the skin - but of course for faster and more pronounced whitening effects, try IV glutathione- injection / drip. SkinStation offers gluta push! You can even choose gluta cocktails like gluta with Vitamin C, Collagen, Placenta, L-Carnitine. I haven't tried it though.

dermax glow glutathione review
The pictures under natural lightening (not 100% accurate since taken at not the same times of the day) and under fluorescent light. Take note that I love basking in sunlight and was not applying whitening lotion during this time. But I feel it has maintained and improved the fairness of skin tone.

8. And what amazed me the most- it helped normalize my period! Being "irregular", I would go to OB-Gynes, and they would give me pills just so I could get my AF (Aunt Flo or dalaw) back.

I remember a dermatologist before, we consulted during the Church medical mission, she is machika and she related that there had been TTC (trying to conceive) couples who finally found success when both of them got regular glutathione shots!

So there you have it guys, thanks for reading my review of GLOW! It's available in Dermax, SkinStation and Blushing Beauty skin clinics. May mga promo din often so you can get better deals! :)


  1. Hi is it bfad or fda approved. Whatever they called it. How can you proved it? Tnx

    1. Hello! For any supplement you can always verify by going to the FDA website. You can input the brand name of the product, or the serial number, like in this one. The FDA approval number is printed in the back label of the bottle. You can check the pic above. Hope it helps :)


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